What do you imagine the recurring characters look like?

We all know these characters, we all love these characters. But we all visualize them differently. I’d like to hear how you imagine these characters looking like

Mrs. Chou

I imagine a short, elderly Asian woman with long nails and a conical hat on (because how would you know she’s Asian if she’s not wearing a conical hat, even when she’s not farming?)

The leader

I usually imagine Barack Obama. Yes, I know. Trump is the president. However, it’s not liberal bias. Of the presidents I’ve lived under, Barack Obama is the one that most suggests “leader”. Trump is a shrewd businessman. Clinton and Bush were kind of everyman goofballs. But whatever you think of him Barack is a leader. And his image is just plain memorable to begin with. He’s basically the Successful Black Man meme.

There are some exceptions. For 伝 (transmit) I do use Trump, because he has the man boobs to become a sumo wrestler.

For 億 (hundred million) I use Jim Ross as the cult leader. However, that’s mostly to hammer in the Oklahoma mnemonic.


We all know what Koichi looks like, but I’m probably not the only one who usually imagines him wearing his panda hat.

Grandpa Koichi

Am I the only one who pictures Koichi, but as an old kung fu master kind of guy? With a long white beard?

The shaman
I imagine him wearing nothing but a loincloth, carrying a staff, and with a bone through his nose.

The butcher

I imagine a fat sweaty man with a white apron covered in blood and always carrying his cleaver.

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I haven’t yet gotten to the levels most of the characters you mentioned are introduced but what I know of,
Mrs. Chou: I actually imagine her in the streets of Kabukichou (district in the anime Gintama) with neon night lights from behind, just standing there arms crossed, looking down on you with red eyes, grinning. She’s a middle-aged woman with short black curly hair to her shoulders and she wears red bright lipstick. Basically she has a red and black colour pallette in my mind ;D

Jourm the local farmer: He is a big muscly chunky dude, crooping trees with an axe when he’s done with the crops. He wears slim fit t-shirts to emphasize that he’s a big muscly chunky dude. And apparently, according to the mnemonics he lost a toe with his name written on it. Poor Jourm, gotta keep up with 9 toes.

Joanne: For some reason I imagined her all blonde in victorian dresses, with a sharp look, sitting on a fancy chair. She seems to be alone most of the time.

I might even draw some of these characters :thinking: It would be fun and help in keep the mnemonics in mind! :sparkles::sparkles:

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For all the Koichi こう mnemonics, I can’t get rid of the image of very bad breath and rotting teeth, like a spongebob or ren and stimpy close up. Just a mouthful of rot, exhaling directly into your eyes. It makes こう very easy to remember. I think that was from one of the original 口 mnemonics.

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I definitely picture Ms. Chou as my grandmother. I pretend I’m Koichi.

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