What do you do on days when you feel brain fried from WK

In my limited time doing this, I have found that pushing myself to either clear out the reviews (or at least do a good chunk of them) when I feel like I am getting everything wrong means that the next day the info has soaked into my brain much better, and I’m able to remember things from places in my mind that I didn’t know existed. That resistance is a bit like when you are working out, or trying any new thing for the first time - when you push through it you find improvement.


Even when going max speed I have never gotten that many reviews in the morning. Usually it’s somewhere between 50 and 100.

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When I feel overwhelmed by reviews:

  • Return to them later in the day, maybe I’ll have more energy then.
  • No matter what, get reviews done every day. Even if I fail half of them.
  • Don’t judge your performance too much. Don’t let it get you down. If you just show up everyday, you’ll get through WK sooner or later, and that’s what matters.
  • After a bad review, on the review summary page, I go through the items again that I failed. I’ve found that this helps a lot.
  • Occasionally, if some items really don’t want to stick, I’ll add them to my Anki grammar deck, just to see them a bit more often. Once they seem to stick, I suspend that Anki card.
  • If this happens several days in a row, stop doing lessons for a few days and just work on reducing your review count. Maybe you’re going too fast. I had to reconsider my strategy and slow down a bit.

I think we were talking about reviews per day, at least I was. I have between 100-300 every day, which is confirmed by the Expected Daily Reviews script, which says 200 expected daily right now, and i still have 20 new lessons.

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I feel like we were talking about the morning reviews, since that’s what he was complaining about. I assume he knows that there’s more to come during the day.

Anyway yeah, looking at 200 expected daily reviews here as well. Lately been doing a few fast levels so that number has gone up…

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