What counter should be used for the noun "classes"

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What’s the correct counter to use?


If the classes occur in hour-long segments, or very close to hour-long, it’s common to use 時間.

I have 3 classes today (literally, I have 3 hours of classes today)

If that’s not the case, then the neutral counter 個 or つ is probably fine. 時限 is also a word that means “school period” of any length, though I’m not really exposed to anyone using that because my school uses hour periods.

EDIT: You didn’t mention it, but it sounds like this might be related to college. If that’s the case, according to that page, 一齣 (ひとこま) is used.

But 個 is most common in conversation.

If you’re just chatting with people about what classes they registered for, 個 seems like the most natural choice.

For me, as a middle school teacher, I almost always use 時間.


Great, thanks man! I’m also a middle school teacher. I teach English. What subjects do you teach?


Well, I mean, I’m an ALT in Japan, so more like “a teacher at a middle school” but yeah.


Ohh, I see. Great to know a little about you man. As always, thanks for your help!

Nice to see other ALTs around!
Since we’re talking about class counters, I thought it might be useful to add that periods of class during the day are referred to with 時間目. So, 1時間目、2時間目、and so on for first, second, etc. period of the day. In college I usually just used つ to count the number of classes I was taking, but Leebo is correct.
EDIT: You may also see class periods written as 校時 (I can’t figure out if this is supposed to be こうじ or きょうじ)、but for whatever reason all the teachers I’ve ever been around just use 時間目. Go figure.

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I studied at a japanese university in Kansai and classes were always referred to with 個 when discussing a quantity of classes (eg: I have 2 classes today) and 限 when referring to a given period (eg: I have second and third period today)



I haven’t heard 時間 used in a university setting fwiw.


It’s こうじ (source)

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