What are your plans for 2020? - iT'S ALREADY HERE LIKE IT FLEW

  • Travel more
    • Seattle for the first time
    • Ireland/Scotland for the first time
    • Return trip to Japan
  • Get to L60 here on WK

That’s about all I’ve thought through so fa


Love the simplicity of this. This is one of the goals i just keep in my head everyday

Stay focused and you’ll achieve them. Don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll give up easily, so set a little or simple goal each day to accomplish to lead you to the bigger ones. use time wisely!!
And defo keep being handsome and you!! :slight_smile:

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That’s great!! It doesn’t matter how small or big your goals are, just start something to push yourself and you’ll create good opportunities for you to reach the bigger ones. Goodluck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your replies guys!! You guys really made my day :smile:
Here are my goals or plans from now to 2020:
-do well in my senior year exams so I can get into College and study the courses I want to study
-Start my acting career by getting out there to gigs
-Move to a different city in UK
-Learn a bit of Japanese
-Eventually travel to the United States
-Start making videos for my Youtube channel
-Keeping posting on my website
-Get more active on Instagram
-Get a new phone (soon)
-Learn fashion designing, sewing and textile skills
-Publish and update my stories on Wattpad
-Learn at least two programming languages
-Maintain passive income
-Save more money
-Learn to create manga and anime art to make my own series on Webtoons

(So this is mine guys! A lot but I’m getting to all of them bit by bit, by 2020, by the grace of God, I’ll get to them all) Wish me luck :sweat_smile:


It doesn’t have to be a full-blown club… you can just make your own thread. Much like I’m doing with Gundam Aggressor, and @ChristopherFritz with Sailormoon. Both starting January 1st. I’m sure people will be interested!


My plans for 2020:

*Start a gym membership to lose this dad bod I have slowly gained over the years

*Study and pass the N3 in December 2020

*Travel to Japan and spend some time with my wife’s Japanese family there (my wife hosted them in a foreign exchange student program some years ago)

*Buy an Audi…

  • getting level 60 in wanikani
  • completing my 6 week journey to korea and japan
  • improving my japanese
  • completing basic korean grammar and start to acquire korean vocabulary.
  • Reach level 60
  • READ something, anything in Japanese
  • Continue with Bunpro
  • More travel. Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and maybe Germany and Sweden
  • Work to make sure the orange monster isn’t reelected
  • Be more frequent using WK;
  • Travel to Japan for a month;
  • Take the JLPT (N4) and one of the last J-Test (D);
  • Try to finish to read any japanese manga;
  • Started to decline clients’s abusive tasks at my freelancer job;
  • Buy figmas :sweat_smile:;

The orange monster, you mean Trump? :joy:

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Does anyone have any goals or plans for or to achieve something in Fashion, beauty or art?

I’d like to learn makeup for the first time ever next year if that counts.


I haven’t planned much apart from Palawan yet - it’s so hard to decide where else to go! What do you like most about Sagada and Bohol, and which one would you recommend if I could only choose one (for this time)?

Yeah, I’ve heard Filipinos are pretty approachable. Let’s see how well I’ll do in the party scene, haha.

Wow, so many people are from the Phillippines here. You’re like the third person I’ve found on the forums so far. There should be a Philippines WaniKani meetup :smiley:

I actually thought about learning a bit of Tagalog, but I think I’ll have my hands full with Japanese at the moment. I only started 2 months ago.

What would I do if they try to sell me an overpriced fare? Tell them that I know that it’s cheaper?

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Next year, I’d like to:

  • get to level 60 in WK
  • speak more Japanese
  • study Japanese grammar with more focus
  • complete a TEFL or TESOL certificate
  • cook more at home, eat less in general (lose some weight)
  • exercise more (maybe run or bike farther)
  • work on cosplays I have been neglecting and attend some events
  • play some games in Japanese

I have a lot more goals than this, but I guess this is a reasonable enough list to hold myself accountable for. :slight_smile:


  • Take N2
  • Lose 6kg
  • Find a job in Japan (transition from JET)
  • Finish reading a Japanese book
  • Save up ¥1 million more yen
  • Get a Japanese girlfriend
  • If I don’t fail N3 … maybe N2 in December?
  • Gain some weight - not too much but I’m currently around 90 lbs and average for my height is 110 - 135 lbs so enough to not look like a total twig
  • Start my journey to become a Hafiza (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • Save enough money to get an actual laptop, a keyboard and a midi
  • Work on my writing more, maybe try different genres beyond “blood” and poetry … writing in Urdu maybe? :eyes:
  • Do Andrew Huang’s production class that I was too poor to do this time around enrollment ended literally today (rip)
  • Do the dance course at Steezy Studio
  • Not fail my second semester classes and exams in January wOoOoOOo
  • Do 20, at least 10, of the 40 community hours I need to graduate high school
  • Maybe make a friend :no_mouth:
  • Stop being the worst

To keep working in Japan and probably take the N2. Maybe try to read (Japanese stuff) and study (Japanese stuff) a little more in my free time. Oh and I want to talk more with my coworkers and meet other Japanese people to talk with to try and improve my speaking and listening.


Move together with my best friend.
Repeat N4 or even skip it and directly smash n3. Repeat kanken 9 ( failed by two points which is basically one correct kanji )
Travel to Japan ( and meet my friends and my guest family that I met over my pasts visits )
Go jogging more frequently, I dont need to loose weight I am just lazy as hell and I sit the whole day in office and at home so my body will still thank me ( I guess )


Not a lot? This is ambitious! :clap:t4: That’s like two levels a month - oh, and also a fundamental change to how you eat and move, trading in one set of ingrained habits for another. :raised_hands:t4::muscle:t4::raised_hands:t4: Get it!!