What are your goals for Japanese in 2022 and have you been able to reach your goals for 2021?

It’s so encouraging to read all these posts, honestly, good job everyone :333

I was really hoping to be much further along in my WK journey, but 2021 was absolute hell. So in the end, I changed my goal to ‘just hang on, keep going, and try to not give up’ :smiley: And to be honest, I think I’ve done pretty well for myself in that regard. I’ve gathered the strength to return after multiple month long breaks ​to sift through >1000reviews and >600lessons. I’ve even succesfully managed to get myself into a solid study routine in the past few weeks, so I think I will now be capable of going at a steady pace in the future.

For 2022, I was actually hoping to reach level 60 on WK. I think I am comfortable with and settled in the pace I’ve got going at the moment, so if I just keep this up, level 60 should be quite realistic :3 I was also hoping to crack down on my bunpro studies - although I do not have any specific goal in mind. And finally, reading. I really really need to start actually using what I’ve learnt - otherwise I am scared I will begin forgetting soon :smiley: I am way too comfortable just cramming without ever putting knowledge into practice - so yeah, need to work on that.



My only goal for the year was to start taking Japanese classes again. I took classes throughout 2020, but quit near the end of the year because I was exhausted by everything that was going on in my life. My initial plan was to start again once the local Japanese language school restarted in-person classes. I’m glad I didn’t wait for that, because I would still be waiting. I started getting impatient around July of this year and signed up for Zoom classes.


I want to focus more on consistency, rather than specific end goals. I plan to continue taking Japanese classes. I also want to be consistent with doing lessons and reviews in Wanikani. I’m setting a soft goal of reaching level 20 on Wanikani. At my current rate, I’ll hit 25 and maybe even 30 by the end of the year. However, setting a more modest goal allows me the space to slow down if I find that I need to. My listening comprehension is pretty bad right now, so I’m going to spend more time practicing that by redoing Genki listening exercises and by watching anime in Japanese with Japanese subtitles. My reach goal for the year is to take and pass the JLPT N4 exam in December.


I’ve started learning Japanese by accident :slight_smile: very recently (2,5 mo ago) so I haven’t had any goal for this year. I was basically trying to figure out if it would be something that I might get to like.

My goals for 2022:

  • keep consistent pace on WK (not more than 12 days per lvl on average) so aiming at lvl 40 is reasonable, I think
  • finish n5 and n4 on bunpro, Genki I and Genki II
  • pass jlpt N4
  • hopefully be able to do at least 30% of n3 grammar/vocab by the end of the year

Checked back on last years thread to see what I put as my goals and they are kind of amusing in how I ended up ditching pretty much every tool or learning resource I mentioned, but I guess I’d only just started learning haha.

My 2021 goals were:

• finish lingodeer Japanese 1&2 ( + review points on bunpro and read through Tae Kim alongside)
I ditched lingodeer, and didn’t really use Tae Kim or bunpro…but I ended up covering N5/N4/N3 grammar via a combo of Jalup + reading a lot so I’ll count this as a pass…kind of. Lingodeer was good for the early stages I think, don’t regret starting with it but also don’t regret moving on to other resources.

• finish pimsleur audio lessons up to end of level 4 (level 5 might be possible at my current speed (I’m 2/3 through level 2 rn but expect may need to repeat more as gets more advanced)
Again, I stopped using pimsleur way before I got to this point, moving to watching shows no subs/podcasts/shadowing materials for building listening skills.

• WK to level 35
Lol, noticing a pattern here? I’m also no longer actively using WK. From the point I started reading more, I started feeling less interested in learning lists of words that weren’t linked to the things I actually want to read. It might be that I come back at some point in the future should I feel like kanji start becoming an obstacle (I’m hoping that I can avoid this and just learn through vocab but I guess we will see).

• read something in Japanese every day (can be manga, a game etc etc) - I’d like to have read at least 3 manga in 2021
Now here is one I actually did! According to my bookmeter, I read 34 manga and 2 novels so far in 2021. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time this year playing games in Japanese (mainly ace attorney and tokimeki memorial GS4) buuut I’m terrible at ever completing games even in english. I credit the read everyday challenges on these forums to really helping me to increase the pace of my reading. I love reading in japanese :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

• take part in local (online for now due to covid) Japanese class (starting Jan) - either continue on with further blocks or move to iTalki
I took part in this class, it wasn’t great, so I did move to lessons on iTalki which I have been doing on a more or less weekly basis for most of this year and really enjoying. My production skills lag way behind my comprehension but are slowly improving I think!

Goals for 2022:

What I think I have learned from last years goals and how inaccurate they are is that I probably shouldn’t be too specific, so…

  • Keep reading! Specifically, I would like to get more comfortable reading novels. I’m thinking that I would quite like to read at least 12 novels next year…however this isn’t a hard goal as I do want to keep the freedom to read what I’m enjoying in the moment and also I’ve learned from last year that setting ‘number of things read/done/etc’ goals is hard when you are still building up speed/stamina in things.

  • Comfy goal - pass N3! Stretch goal - pass N2! I’m currently studying N3 (using Quartet & Shin Kanzen Master) to hopefully sit N3 in the summer if it runs. N2 by the end of the year seems like a big stretch but worst thing that happens is that I fail/decide to postpone and still learn a lot so why not try?

  • Improve production skills…maybe? I might try and shift my attention to this at the end of next year as I’m doing some preliminary planning to go on a trip to Japan early 2023.

So those are my rough goals for this year! Good luck to everyone else with yours!


Pretty similar to my mindset. Seems we’re at a similar level too. Keep going! If you ever want a study buddy I think that might be a nice thing to try :wink:

Goals for 2021

  • Take the JLPT N5 or maybe N4 test - I couldn’t do this one, because it got cancelled in both July and December in my country. But I’m reasonably confident that I could have passed the N4 if i had taken it in December.
  • Keep a diary in Japanese - Still got 3 days to go, but I think its ok to say I’ve achieved this one. I’ve written an entry every day this year, and its so interesting to look back and see how much progress I’ve made this year.
  • Improve speaking and listening skills - I’ve worked really hard at this and I’m so happy with my progress. I’m pretty shy, but I really pushed my boundaries this year, taking lots of online classes and participating in language exchanges. My speaking and listening skills still lag behind my reading, but I’m really happy with the change in my ability since January.

Goals for 2022

  • JLPT N4 in July, and if that goes well, maybe N3 in December as a stretch goal
  • Continue writing a daily diary
  • Much more immersion (Gotta remind myself that watching anime and playing games in Japanese isn’t “Slacking off” :sweat_smile:)

I think what they meant to say was to indeed take your time. Progress will slow down with more immersion, or so I am sure mine did. But that’s a good thing. I usually only get through 2 levels a month but that’s because I am being thorough and supplementing with grammar and conversation.
WK level is all that it is. It’s good and helps with vocabulary and Kanji. But speed running through it shouldn’t be the endgame. In fact you’ll probably accomplish more by taking it slow and supplementing with grammar, conversation, what have you. Don’t let your pace or approach discourage you. Just take your own pace. Be consistent and you’ll keep improving at a good pace :ok_hand:

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I started learning this year, with spectacularly low ambitions. My goal for 2021 was initially:

  • Learn / memorize a few Japanese words / phrases.

I got a bit more into it than I expected, so I ended up learning hiragana and katakana, getting to level 8 on WK, level 17 on Bunpro (about 1/2 the N5 grammar points), and plenty of listening practice with podcasts and reading what I could of Crystal Hunters and other sources (NHK Easy, old Playstation games, etc.)

My study time is quite limited / sporadic so I don’t want to set any large goals for 2022, but they are:

  • Keep going with WK and try to average about 1 level per month (I bought the lifetime subscription, which makes sense at this pace!)
  • Keep going with Bunpro, but no particular pace in mind. Would be nice if I finished all the N5 points though.
  • Keep listening, improve listening fluency.
  • Keep reading - maybe try Crystal Hunters Natural Japanese next.
  • Write a blog post in Japanese (doesn’t need to be anything complicated - just a simple diary entry would meet this) - the aim being that if I do it once I might be tempted to do it repeatedly.

Good luck to all with your goals for 2022!


My wanikani goal is actually to not overload myself. I started in May and burned myself out quite quickly as I basically tried to go as fast as possible. Got to the point where I was so overwhelmed that I ended up only doing reviews with no new lessons from September to November. I just upgraded to lifetime and have now burned enough cards that my reviews feel manageable, so my goal is to aim to do 3-5 new lessons each day in 2022. I know that means it will take me close to 4 more years to hit level 60 but that is okay with me. This is a pace that makes me want to jump on wanikani each day and also allows me to have time for grammar study, sentence mining, and immersion. So, I guess my overall goal for language learning in 2022 is to push myself but only in ways that make sure I am enjoying the process and actually looking forward to learning and practicing each day.


This sounds very helpful, thanks! :slight_smile:
Do you know how far do the quartet books go in terms of JLPT level? Also, do you mean the beginner tobira or the “gateway to advanced level” one?

After a while I had the impression the texts in the advanced tobira sort of hold back on vocab and stylistics.


They claim the second book is somewhere between N2 and N1. I think the first book is around N3. It was also mentioned that except for one text all texts in the second book are non simplified in any way. Well I will post a picture with all the grammar points covered in the quartet books. Maybe it will be useful to some people on this forum.

I was talking about the normal intermediate tobira book. I’m sorry I forgot that a beginner tobira book was released a while ago.


Amazing, massive thanks! :slight_smile:
I think I will consider buying the second book then.

I got started with Japanese in mid-October. I took a year of Japanese in college. I am not sure exactly what spurred me to pick it back up - but there are so many things that I love about Japanese culture, so I thought I would give it another go. I regretted for a long time that I did not go further with it, so here I am.

2021: Discovered WaniKani and through the community here, many amazing resources! I am currently plodding through level 5 vocabulary and should get to start Level 6 over the weekend. I am keeping it slow and steady. I have not missed a day yet, but can see where things will pick up in a few months when I start to “burn” vocabulary.

  • I am working through Genki and trying to find things to read that are level appropriate. I really like Tokini Andy as a supplement since I am doing this on my own and his grammar explanations and real-world spin on things are very helpful
  • Currently reading the Tadoku Graded Readers and about to start Crystal Hunters. I tried to do the ABBC but truthfully way over my head right now.
  • Doing BunPro but I have covered so little grammar that my reviews are spaced pretty far out right now
  • Experimented with a few other things but above are my main
  • I find that doing WK too much is very abstract, and I need more context for the words I am learning here. That being said - it is a GREAT tool for learning vocab and for kanji reading skills!

Goals for 2022:

  1. Continue with WaniKani and reach level 30
  2. Finish Genki 1
  3. Finish the 0 level Graded Readers, maybe some of Level 1
  4. Keep up with BunPro
  5. Develop a writing habit
  6. Find a way to practice speaking - I think there are some local resources I found through MeetUp

I am also using quartet and while I do like them, it is worth noting that I’ve generally found so far that most iTalki teachers etc haven’t heard of it, whereas Tobira is well known. So a bit more tricky to work through with a teacher if that is something you would want to be doing (while I’m quoting @Natsuha… I know you already are using it so this is more referring to @Iinchou or any other person who is interested in quartet but hasn’t got it yet) . I’ve been using them for self study, which the reading and grammar sections work well for but I obviously don’t get much use out of the speaking sections. I’d still say they are pretty decent but just worth bearing in mind.

I just started my journey so my goals for 2022 are:

  • Get to level 30 on wanikani (currently level 4). This will be about 2 weeks per level.
  • Finish N5/N4 grammar points on bunpro. This is just under 1 lesson per day.

That’s it for now! My reading accuracy is so bad right now that I don’t want to go any faster than that. Good luck everyone!


I’ll settle for finishing WK, finishing N2 grammar on bunpro, learn a few thousand new words besides WK and read a bit more. Then I’m gucci. Might start with N1 grammar aswell but N1 can wait for a bit.

I didn’t have any real goals for 2021, I would just learn as much as I could.

I started studying japanese 25 of March of this year (2021), before that I didn’t know a single kana. I started WK at the end of April and didn’t really get into WK seriously until a month or two later (idk). Been a good year thus far, learned approximately 6000 words and 800 kanji, which isn’t too bad for 9 months I guess. Also spent many months with AJATT which helped my comprehension for sure. I could’ve done better, but not by much without burning out. Many days I’ve cried out of frustration and finally understanding sentences (a few months ago). My brain is toast.



I didn’t really have any goals for 2021, but here is what I’ve done this year:

  • Came back to Wanikani around June-July, then again earlier this month, bringing my reviews from 1000+ to 200 right now (university exams made me feel burned out causing me to fall really behind on reviews, but I’m proud of the progress I made because I couldn’t do this last year - I often reset because it got overwhelming up until I dropped wk)

  • Started working on Bunpro again

  • Continued my Japanese courses in university

My goals for 2022:

  • Consistency on Wanikani and hopefully get to level 45 by the end of the year

  • Work on Bunpro and complete at least up to the N4 level before the end of the year

  • Take one more Japanese course to finish Genki 2 before I graduate uni (and get a Japanese studies certificate :D)

  • Possibly take JPLT N4 in Dec.

  • Visit Japan

  • Read at least 1 manga (already have the 1st volume of Yotsubato!)

Good luck to everyone next year on achieving their goals!!


My recap for 2021: gave up completely, forgot everything I ever learnt
My goal for 2022: start again!


I was just looking at your timeline thinking, that’s great…I should definitely be able to get to lvl 10+ by the summer then! (I just started last month)

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This might sound ambitious but I am aiming for around N2/N1 level by December of 2022, even if I don’t make it I wanna see how far I can get myself.