What are your goals for Japanese in 2022 and have you been able to reach your goals for 2021?

Any specific ones you have in mind? Generally, if you just continue with your studies, you’ll get there sooner or later. Enjoy the journey and persevere at a consistent pace.



  • Enjoy and can use Japanese materials (Wikipedia, news and general Googling) as a reference
  • Enjoy, discuss, and sympathize with Japanese communities


  • Useful (to myself and companions) as a (future) traveler
  • Small talk with Japanese natives everywhere I meet
  • Studying in Japan, if it is worthy; and perhaps also if I have a scholarship or something.
    • More possibly, as an exchange student. I still take courses in a local university nowadays.

It’s not going to be as strong as chances of an exchange student, or an academic excursion; but not like primary goals will be met easily.

Target within: 12 months

  • Coincidentally, my birthday is in this month; and I feel that somehow, 6 months might be too short. 12 months might be possible, but no guarantee.
    • Monthly / trimonthly reflection would tell. The thought started from Read Every Day Challenge, so I have to be thankful to that.

Ahh, I see. Rather than milestones, I would call those ‘goals’. I say that because the ones you’ve written can hardly be measured. Milestones can double as goals, but they are usually measurable ones. For example reading 10/50/100 books or passing any of the JLPT levels. So the difference is that milestones are clear-cut, while goals aren’t necessarily that and can be kind of vague.


Number of books and even JLPT levels are only tangential to goals, though. What matters most is whether I do well in tight situations, or when situation requires and something can be helpful.

Of course, unless I need a certificate.

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I’ve been going back to edit mine whenever I complete a goal but I may as well do a halfway check up post! It’s really weird to think it’s already been 6 months since I made this post, this year has gone quick so far.

So I’ll start with the ones I’ve done, and first off, passing N2. So I actually had passed N2 before I even set that goal, considering I took the exam in early December. I just didn’t find out until February. To be honest this one was up in the air for 2022, so passing it in 2021 was a shock :joy:. it’s been a bit of a curse though because I’ve lost a lot of the urgency to study grammar that I would have had if I failed it. Still though, I’m very pleased and still shocked a few months later.

Getting to level 60 - I’m glad I finally did it after so many years! I slowed down when I hit level 60, only doing reviews for a while, but I’m finishing off the level 60 lessons now. Not much else to say about this one.

Write a script for WK - This was an additional goal I added like back in March/April so it’s not really 6 months after setting this one. It’s not actually Japanese related but I decided earlier on in the year I wanted to pivot my career into development and so my Japanese has slowed down massively as learning that must take priority. I did technically write a script, albeit a small one. I actually started work on another script but it ended up getting so big, it kind of became its own standalone thing. I probably wont make another script for WK for a while since all programming I do needs to be for my portfolio/career, but maybe eventually.

I don’t want this to be too long since it’s only 6 months so I’ll quickly go over the uncompleted goals.

Restart my lessons - This is a reference to my physical Japanese lessons that I stopped because I was too broke. Well, I’m still broke, so nope. It’s actually one of the many reasons I want to change jobs. I doubt it’ll happen this year with my focus being shifted, but hopefully early next year if I can get a job. I really miss it.

Improving my speaking - It’s very very slow progress, and again not something I can dedicate a bunch of time to right now.

Finish a book - Not yet.

Read all the manga I currently own - I’m uhhh… Well I bought more manga since then but I’m actually reading it. I’ve since bought 2 books and I’ve almost finished the second one so hopefully I can get back to the original 13. At least I’m reading them though.

Finish my N2 prep book - Nope, I’d love to but I don’t have the time to dedicate.

Finish all frontend development courses on FCC - I actually moved off those onto more targeted things since I’m trying to work up a portfolio, but I do want to return to those after I’ve got a good grasp on the things I’m currently working on. The list is big though, there’s so much to learn.

Take at least 10 pictures I’m proud of - Off the top of my head I’ve definitely taken at least 1, maybe as many as like 4 so far, but this one is heavily dependant on my ability to go and take pictures, which itself is dependant on money. Basically, I’m too broke to complete half these goals :joy:.

So that’s where I’m at with my goals so far! I would say this year has generally gone pretty good (especially compared with every other year I’ve done this), although the direction I’ve been going in has taken a pretty dramatic shift. I haven’t been happy with my job for quite a while and finally working towards a career I’m excited about feels good. And the prospects of having a job that pays decently also feels good! Having to push to much to the side for it is a bit of a pain, especially when I feel so much motivation towards studying Japanese right now, but it must be done. That being said, I’m still reading manga and doing my reviews so I haven’t completely stopped. But for the most part it will have to wait!


I mean… it’s not impossible, but your aim is really only gonna be to finish Wanikani. I remember booking it from 20 to 30 and feeling like I lost the plot halfway because I got too caught up in the grind and out of the learning process.

Update June 2022:

Halfway through the year, I’ve…

  • Read 2/3 novels
  • Read 5/15 volumes of manga
  • Reached level 45 of WaniKani (in April) and decided to quit since I wanted to spend more time immersing
  • Reached an N3 level (I did the practice Qs on the JLPT website and only got 2 wrong, so I’ll call that good enough!)

Plans for the second half of the year:

  • Read at least 1 more novel
  • Read 10 more volumes of manga
  • Use Tobira flashcards to solidify my grammar knowledge

Almost half the year done and i read my first complete light novel all by my lonesome :muscle: so i can check my first goal of the list :upside_down_face:
Kind of proud of myself for not giving up even though there were some difficult words/ kanji which i forgot the moment after i translated them and put them down in my notebook and the next time it came up i couldn’t remember it nor find it in the notebook so i had to check it on jisho again :woman_facepalming:
I even think i understood most of the nsfw and the mental health stuff though i shouldn’t show anyone my jisho/ google browser history anymore :flushed:

But i’m so happy that i read the book, because i loved it and the experience really motivated me. :nerd_face:


Reflecting on this post:

I actually haven’t met most of these goals this year, except the last one. However, I did find myself getting recommitted a little here on WaniKani after slowing down quite a bit in the spring.

Textbook-wise, the main thing I did was to review Minna no Nihongo みんなの日本語 初級 2.
I also got into the beginnings of the Intermediate textbooks, but I only completed about two chapters in Quartet, two chapters and a peek at the third chapter in Tobira, plus one unit in Minna no Nihongo Intermediate.

The main progress I made is in my listening, where I understand my family and general conversations now, and I can randomly communicate in broken Japanese when in situations where I’m forced to use it. My exposure to the language has been regular, so I’m more confident and gather the gist… but I do feel that I need to level-up eventually. This last year, my progress has been gradual and feels a little more like osmosis.

As far as reading, I basically didn’t commit to any one single bit of material, but I think I likely won’t try to read Conan (though I do like watching the anime). I may try reading Major again sometime, but probably the one I’m most inclined to read is Slam Dunk. Or find some sort of light novel. Recently, it’s been a little hard to find material that is interesting to me. I’ll eventually need to develop new habits… but I’m waiting until the end of next month to do that…


Update November 23, 2022:

  • 9/3 novels read!
  • 15/15 volumes of manga read!
  • Passed N3 practice test I took over the summer, so good enough for me

In general, I’ve met or exceeded pretty much all of my Japanese learning goals for this year, which I’m really happy about! I feel like this is the year where I moved to somewhere between an N3 and an N2 level, so I’m hoping to practice all 4 of my skills enough next year to fully solidify my knowledge at an upper intermediate/lower advanced level.