What are these turtles?


I see on my dashboard that the turtles are safe… for now and that they are healthy and Im confused

Is that a good thing? Am I a turtle farmer? Am I trying trying to protect the turtles from some raving lunatic?

Or, am I trying to burn the turtles? Why am I burning them? Are they evil turtles bent on the destruction of the world that can only be stopped with fire? Or am I the villain of this story, burning turtles for my own sick twisted pleasure?


You are the lunatic!


You must look deeply to discover the truth…
…that there are no turtles.


You have uncovered the truth.


The next question is, will you pick the blue turtle or the red turtle?



It’s turtles all the way down!


You are both turtle farmer and the turtle itself.

You burn the turtles, but do the turtles not also burn you?

Only when you understand these things, will you have reached the end of your journey.


Burn them before they…

Oh well.



I’ve been burned by so many turtles here…


Oh great Crabigator, please make Donatello a new item. So I can then select him. Learn him. And then er…burn - WAIT NOOOOooo


the turtle is a lie!


The turtles are perfectly innocent creatures. Really, the forum is just a support group to deal with the guilt of inhumanely slaughtering them. (well, unless you’re @Kumirei, it seems)


hey! Don’t attribute all the fun to Kumirei. Turtles gotta burn. No regerts.

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