What are these phrases?

Why is it, when watching anime, do I always hear the ending ”てば, when they’re trying to get someone to do something?

According to what I read on a Japanese page explaining the meaning, you can add it to declarative statements to put more emphasis on it. Should only be used with friends and family.

The example it gives shows it being used to reemphasize something, like if it’s the second time you’re saying the sentence i.e. “I did it” after already saying “I did it” once before.

Also it’s ってば、 note the small つ

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So it’s for emphasis on what they want them to do in a colloquial way?

Also to note, it’s a contraction of と言えば. If you want to more easily find the grammar point.

No, it’s more of way to emphasize something and can express frustration. It doesn’t have to be related to asking someone to do something.


Here’s some information and example sentences ってば from Maggie Sensei’s website (it’s about a third down the page):


As others have said, it’s used to express frustration or draw extra attention to you or what your saying. It should only be used in casual conversation with friends/family or else it might come across as rude, though.

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I can imagine the way the character said it and it makes sense in the context of frustration.

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