What are the best supplementary resources for WaniKani? What about after WaniKani?

I think it’s around 2100. Once you learn those I am positive that learning the rest will be easy, heck even at my level I’m finding it much more common finding vocab I don’t know than kanji. I’d say when you encounter a word that contains kanji you don’t know just memorize the vocab word itself with a flashcard app like Anki or similar. Learning all the kanji from jouyou or jinmeiyou or wherever else isn’t important (unless you’re taking a test which focueses on that category) what’s important is being able to read and so WaniKani teaches those which you are most likely going to encounter.

As for grammar, well that’s a tough one, I don’t think I can really recommend a single place to learn from since my grammar knowledge came from all over the place. Here’s a good place with several grammar resources you can look into.

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