What are some good numbers for the level piles?

I’ve read that it’s a good idea to keep the Apprentice pile below 100. I wasn’t really managing mine because I wasn’t having any problems keeping up, so about a month ago when I started to slack off on my morning reviews (did not expect to get so burned out), my Reviews very quickly snowballed! I’ve since been putting off new Lessons until I feel like I’ve caught back up.

Before I jump back into Lessons, what are some good rules of thumb for what to look for in the piles? I’ve been more intentional in smashing the leeches, which has been great, but I’d like to know what sorts of numbers are warning signs that snowballs are approaching or that I’m biting off more than I can chew.

Yeah as you’ve seen, it can snowball fast if you don’t do them.
I think a good rule is to not let any review pending before going to sleep, as it will fast accumulate.

You will need to tweak yourself what it means in numbers, as we all have a different comfort zone.

To give you some data, here are mine right now.
My apprentice swings between 80 and 150 (@level up + errors).
I have around 300 review every days, including 42 for new items (I do 21 lessons everyday).

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Some ideas:

  • Accuracy dropping around 10%
  • Leeches going up (significantly)
  • Apprentice going above 100 items (some people are fine with more, my comfort zone was until 160).
  • Having more guru than master items (means that a lot of master+ items are getting answered incorrectly).
  • Having more reviews per day than you’re comfortable with.
  • Aiming to go to bed every day with 0 reviews to do (having reviews is actually fine, but 0 keeps you accountable).

You’ll have to see what works best for you. Apprentice count of about 100 is a good target though. That’s a reasonable soft limit. Hard limit of maybe like 150.

That’s really the most important one, the Apprentice count. It is the biggest contributor to workload. The rest I don’t worry about.

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