What are pros and cons of Wanikani?

Just use the trial period until level 3 and see if it works for you. If it’s still fun after that and you feel like you gained something, then why not :slight_smile:

You will find everywhere on both sides people that enforce their believe on what is right and wrong and are very loud about it (may it be people that simply hate it, or people that defend something like they belong to a cult). However, not everyone is the same type of learner, and no tool is perfect or flaw-less. You need to decide for yourself in the end if it fits your learning process.

A good guide might be to read through the Level 60 celebration threads of other people and their success stories with WaniKani. One point ahead: One tool alone won’t get you anywhere, but WaniKani can be a great supplementary to your studies. The Level 60 threads also often give you a list of tools they have used to succeed in their studies. Another good list you can find here:

Personally, I can recommend WaniKani a lot. Because it works well for me and my study method :slight_smile: