What are Hancock and Mihawk saying here

I saw this piece of fanart on Twitter and tried to translate it. Hancock’s and Mihawks lines don’t seem to be accurate though.

credit:@nusushito on Twitter


this is what the translation looks like now

I think the first Hancock line is more a command, than a statement.

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so it would be something more along the lines like “don’t show your face to others! it only belongs to me”?

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Yes. I read it as 見せるんじゃない the negation of 見せるんだ.

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Also I looked up 不慣れ in the Mihawk line:

Seems to be more along the lines of: you are not used to doing this kind of thing. Think you can do it well?


I read it the other way around: “I’m not used to this kind of things. Am I doing okay?”


yeah, I think you’re right. I actually didn’t read the artists original tweet to understand what the background was :sweat_smile:

it’s actually a kabedon competition, so Mihawk saying, he doesn’t know if he’s doing it right, makes more sense I guess

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I think I don’t quite get why there would be “with a particular expression which is the woman’s favorite”.

When I look at it again I just read そなたその顔 "your face " (someone on hinative suggested this translation btw)

There’s no notion that it’s that woman’s favorite, no. However, the repetition “you your expression” makes it much more emphatic than just “your face”.


Actually, I think “your face” works because Hancock always uses そなた as her “you” pronoun. So in “normal” Japanese it would be あなたの顔 I think. So “your face” fits here as a translation.

You are missing one その :wink: