What are good resources for slang, particle omissions, casual speech, etc?

The only decent resources I’ve found are:

White Mocha - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzrW9xrS9BFbC5qkQ2wdlDQ
Playlist on 日本語の森: - YouTube

But most of the content is in Japanese. A concise, guided tutorial through common cases such as omitted particles would be great.

Edit: Tae Kim’s blog “colloquialism” tagged posts looks interesting: Colloquialism | Tae Kim's Blog


Wasabi has some useful stuff. Small tips are mentioned throughout the guide but 1-17, 11-1 and 9 may be a good place to start. (9 is about keigo mostly but I found that knowing which parts are not casual help also)

The whole advanced grammar should have what you need.


Maggie Sensei website has a Slang section in the main lesson index


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