What are Burns?

Same as what the title says. I know that burning a item. Means you are pretty good at it. (You don’t need any effort to recall the particular item) is what i heard about from wanikani all this time.

Now that i am a week away from burn review. I am wondering. “Is this enough” would i take this as a granted that i won’t ever forget it.


No, you will forget them eventually if you don’t keep seeing them on a regular basis. It’s just that the time it will take you to forget them (so when the next review would have had to come) is getting in the order of a year or more on average. The creators of WK hopped people wouldn’t stay so long with the tool and instead moved on to consuming native media, which would naturally provide additional exposure.

TL;DR: If you do not do anything else Japanese related, then yes you will eventually forget them.


Any item which is not frequently used will eventually vanish.

Eek! Guilty!

What do you mean ?

Oh, just that I’ve been here for YEARS, technically…

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hun, same :frowning:

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You won’t forget as long as you read.

And if you have no intention of reading Japanese, then why learn the kanji?

Got my first burns last week, and it’s already up to 230 something. I knew it was coming so I started reading about 3 weeks ago.

Oh, hey, you started one week after me! That’s a long time we’ve been here indeed.
(I might have said that before… I remember mentioning something like that. If it was to you and I just forgot, well, I guess I just don’t have any memory for that sort of things)

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