What app do you use to aggregate and play your listening resources for passive listening and/or shadowing?

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to create MP3s of all the different podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. that I’ve used for listening practice, throw them in a folder, and have them available to play on repeat when I want something in the background for passive listening.

How do you do that in the modern era? Back in the day I’d just copy and paste a folder of MP3s onto my MP3 player, and that’s that.

But for an iPhone? Is there an app that lets you just copy MP3s and play them? Or maybe even something specifically geared towards passive listening and/or shadowing?

I’m specifically looking for an iOS solution, but of course if you have suggestions for Android feel free to post them, they might help others.


I use iKnow, which has a listening feature to play sentences I have learned randomly.



I love Overcast for podcasts. It’s free, but the paid subscription let’s you import your own files. It’s only 10$/year and supports the one man behind the app. The smart speed function and voice boost are awesome.


Maybe the app bound - it’s used in conjunction with cloud storage like Dropbox.

I use it for my Japanese textbooks and other listening materials.

Crucially it remembers where you are and has speed options.


So, I ended up trying Documents by Readdle and it is working great for my needs.

They’ve got a feature which lets you connect to the app via Wifi and transfer over raw files that way. And the app has a decent audio/video player built in.

I can just make folders of listening material on my own computer and copy/paste them over to Documents and listen to them from that app.

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