What a silly thing. (no more rudeness :))

I don’t know, I never thought about it.
Most of the time I just generalize the time and say last night.
If I need to be specific I’d probably say something like, “Last night at 6…”

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Also, It was like 3-4 AM and I was really tired, I wasn’t really thinking before I typed.

Are you living in ye olden days? People just say at 7 we ate dinner. Lol

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Lmao ok maybe I just read old books, I guess?

Nevermind. :'D


This has prob already been said but i think there is a differentiation between evening and night in my area - maybe it is the same in Japan.

We have such long ‘evenings’ in the summer (as the sun is going down), that it makes sense to have a different word for it. Maybe in place where it gets dark quickly (closer to the equator) the meaning is more interchangeable with night.

interesting though.

ps - that’s a nicer title :wink:

Now wait a second… What the actual hell…
At least I’m not the only one…


Wait no never mind I’m wrong again, 夕べ means just evening and not also night, unlike 夜

What? Heck, hold on. Really? Not even morning?

I’m from a super polite area where you greet everyone you lock eyes with by saying “Good ____” and if you get the time wrong they laugh at you! Even if it’s 12:01.

I think he means that his day goes like this, morning -> noon -> afternoon -> night -> morning
and they just never say evening


No no, of course there’s morning! I just meant that most people just go straight from afternoon to night and skip evening.

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Phew… Crisis averted…

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More power to you, man. All languages are weird and confusing. Complaining helps, everyone knows that. I hope you don’t get discouraged to nag more in the future.

Nah, I kept getting 八日 and 四日 confused and decided to complain. Boom, guess who never get’s those wrong anymore. Complaining is the way to go to make things stick (if you only do it once in a while)

You seem like a person that writes in exactly the same style as the way you speak.

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