Wet 濡 VISUALLY SIMILAR to Demand 需

Come on WK - Wet (level 30) is VISUALLY SIMILAR to Demand (level 38) - just a Tsunami different. Can you add that reference next time you update please?

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You should probably email them this. You’re likely to get a faster response by doing so.

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Wet is brand new, so if you email them I’m sure they’d add it.


Hi, the thread would be actually be useful if you copy-paste the caracter(s) you are refering to :wink:


@athomasm - what’s the email address (I didn’t find it)



@omoide - Now I have your interest I thought you might have just checked…but to save you the bother here they are:
濡 - wet (=demand plus tsunami radical) - level 30, oddly enough
需 - demand - level 38

For fun, slap a ninben on there and you get one that’s not included in WaniKani.

儒 - Confucian
儒教 - Confucianism

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@Leebo すごい!

We’ve emailed you already but thanks again for bringing it up. We’ll add it soon-ish!


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