Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Putting a word in your lessons takes it out of ALL lists on the site. That means if you add all words from a book and don’t end up finishing and switch books, the other vocab lists on the site will now no longer reflect what words in the book you don’t know since you’ll have a batch of words sitting in your review pile.

All words on the list are in chronological order, so the instant you do your lessons and learn words up until a certain word X, you can read that book up until said word X with certainty that you won’t come across a single word that will pop up in your lessons later for that book. There is no reason to learn ALL the words before you read a book.

What I did is I would do my 20 words for the day and then read up until that 20th word. This would essentially result in me doing my lessons and then immediately seeing the words I learned in context. This is much better than adding all the words over a 2 month period and seeing them for the first time in context after two months.

If the reading provided from that was not sufficient, I would go and read a visual novel with text hooker.

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But what does that mean for an anime or a visual novel? It follows the dialog order from subtitles for the anime? And for the visual novels I haven’t tried them yet but I understood that there can be different path, so maybe I wouldn’t encounter the word?

But thanks a lot for the answer, with the second-to-last paragraph it is much clearer for me how to use it :smiley:

Anime is chronological order of eps/subs yes. A VN would follow the same logic for the most part, with small divergences for branching. The real diverging comes when you get off the common route, which is just kinda shouganai. Choices prior to that usually only change dialogue for a very short period of time or very minimally assuming there’s choices at all.

Iirc koisome dousei, for example, was one I provided the script for and it was kinetic, like many other vns, meaning there are no (route changing) choices.

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Vanilla’s said it all pretty much.

Words are in chronological order for books and anime. For vns there’s slight variation depending on how the text was extracted. For vns this matters less since they have high unique word counts so you’ll probably end up doing a minimum frequency of 2/3 anyway.

If you add too many lessons at once you run the risk of having the order of your lessons no longer reflect the order you should be learning words for your immediate reading. That’s for the individual to assess on a personal basis though.

I personally add 40-60 words then learn 15-20 a day until I run out. I find learning words to be a pretty surface level process (since I don’t speak) so literally adding words from lists to lessons takes more brain power since I have to make an active decision.


So for the site news:

I’m swapping out the entire api from commonJS to module (.mjs) based. I’m at like 2500 lines of code so far. There’ll probably be like 10k. Using require in JS is a pain to work with and harder to maintain than modules.

After that, I’m making some changes to dictionary searching. I want:

  1. A search suggest instead of popping in definitions. This is so you can actually pick the word you wanted.
  2. Since you can pick the word you wanted, the search can show a history of searched words + definitions for quick reference. This is so that when I’m studying Kanzen Master I have a quick reference list of the words I’ve needed to look up for the passage. You can use this for reading reference, or to batch all your lesson adds together without interrupting your reading of the passage.
  3. Better katakana lookup and in-search bar kana conversion (similar to how it works when typing in reviews).

For the front end, I was doing some preliminary work to support this. I’ve rolled it back since it was causing some issues and I don’t need it until I finish the api conversion.


First time Koohi user here. When I get the vocabulary list from a book, it seems that the list is ordered by appearance in the book. Is there a way of having the list ordered by frequency? I know one can use frequency and WK level to filter the vocabulary list but my question is regarding the ordering of the list (i.e. the order the vocabulary is presented to the user). Also, I did not find any links in the Koohi webpage on how to support it (Pantreo, Paypal, etc…). Thanks for any info!


Hello Sergiop. There’s currently no way to order by frequency. Tried it on the last site (Floflo) and it wasn’t particularly useful in practice.

If you’d like to donate I have a link here: https://ko-fi.com/floflo . Commissions and stuff aren’t up because I’m not actively developing at the moment, and it only costs like 10-15 a month to hold the servers. If (when) I come back to developing I’ll consider reopening up ways of supporting.


Thanks for the reply! Is there a way of submitting corrections? In the book Kitchen, the word ライナス (Linus, character from the Snoopy comic strip) appears as ライ (rye or lie) and ナス (eggplant).

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Unfortunately not. We tried and it takes a lot of manpower :cry: Katakana parsing is super hit or miss since it’s difficult for machines to tell what’s a name and what’s a loanword and what’s random noises.

I think that in the future I might just make a gui for editing words and hand off the list to people to edit however they feel like.


I wanted to test it out, chose a book and added / deleted the vocab I need / don’t need… but is there a way to actually choose to learn all the vocab you’ve added? It’s very tedious to manually add 300 words to your quiz. Am I missing something?

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Do you want to quiz 300 items at once?

Any word done in the quiz will go into the srs queue and it will begin appearing periodically in reviews. So typically you just want to add the amount of words you want to learn for the day. I did 20, and most people do around that or less. I would just click and drag across all the items I want to add.

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Generally, I wouldn’t mind. I’d rather add about a 100, but for the first time to be 300 isn’t a deal breaker for me either. Just wanted to add them all into the system.

The click and drag tip is very helpful, thanks!

Hmm then yeah, technically you would have to drag and manually select all of them.

The reason it’s not really fitted for that is because typically you’re adding new words, and most people only learn like 25 new words a day max. I take it you plan on adding 300 and then a couple weeks down the road adding like another 300 or something?

Precisely. My issue often is that I know the words, but I don’t know the kanji (or mix it up with other kanji), so it’s more about learning to recognise them. And yeah, definitely over the course of a good handful of weeks.

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Ahh, yeah, two things to watch out for though if you’re gonna do that

  1. I’m pretty sure koohi makes it so that if you get an item wrong in the quiz it goes back to the lesson pile. Not usually an issue for 20 words that you have just learned, but for 300 I imagine you will get a good chunk wrong that will need to be requizzed

  2. Depending on when you do your lessons and reviews as well as your acc, after a bit of doing this method you might have some days with 500+ new reviews and some days with less than 50. People generally do consistent lesson quantity per day not only for retention purposes but also generally to just make the workload consistent day to day


Thanks for the tips; makes a lot of sense :blush:!