Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]


I’ll need a .txt but if you can supply me it, sure. If I gotta go crack it in calibre for you though then I charge $20. My discord is raionus #8576


Honzuki volumes 2-12 are up


Amazing!!! Thanks!

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i think the wrap up function is bugged, i tried changing it but it just keeps giving the default 3

The timer thing is a little unituitive. Are you typing


(x being the number you want)? The number before the semi-colon is the timer style, the value after is the actual value. So 1;5 would be wrapup style 1, with 5 items.

It’s easy to write it wrong and if you do I think it defaults back to 1;3 to prevent errors.

Yeah, I have it set to 1;5 but it keeps giving 3
edit: nevermind, i had it with a comma lmao

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lol the interface for that option is insanely awful.

The login button seems busted? I couldn’t get in that way, used the sign up for free link, which gave the small pop up window like normal.

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@Raionus I just sent you a friend request, I have scripts for a VN I’d love to see on Koohi :slight_smile:

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I was coming here to see if anyone else was having this issue. I can’t log into the site.

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Ah, sorry I missed your message.

It should be fixed now.

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