Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Update 6/28 - Affiliate Links/Bug Fixes/Tiny Redesigns

Didn’t post last week’s updates so here’s for this week and last:

I’ve added amazon affiliate links. If you care to support the website by participating in Amazon’s referral link pyramid scheme, then go to the library > click a book > follow the amazon link.


  • Search no longer throws a (non-fatal) error when zero items are returned from a search
  • Reviews counts are now updated correctly when going from Review > Lessons (remember kids, don’t use if (!var) on things that return integers)
  • Xp visual calculations should be fixed (???) @Redglare


  • Unknown words on books are now counted correctly (!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!)
  • Book from the same series collapse into one
  • Exiting a meta category (series, aired by, etc.) returns you to the same spot
  • Unknown words now finish calculating when you leave and reenter the page (instead of restarting the process from zero)
  • Importing/Trimming will reset your unknown words progress
  • Clicking “cancel” when prompted to insert your wk level will no longer break it
  • General component refactoring


  • Table text is now white (readable) on dark mode


  • Lessons: left/right a/d work for navigating pages
  • Lists: left/right added for navigating
  • Reader left/right a/d work for navigating pages

I’m liking the song this time around.

Also, is there any plans to make it track how many words you have added to your srs in total? I know you wouldn’t be able to know for past words added, but going forward I was wondering if you were gonna reimplement that since it was on floflo. Same for the primary list+overlapping f1 words.

The data page

I’ll give you an answer this weekend when I look at the code and see if how compatible it is

Wait so for the active word count on the data page doesn’t that not include words I have burned? Or am I mistaken

I checked the code and it should. Although it would be more satisfying if it showed them as a separate category I suppose

Dang people listen to the songs I post? I thought I just cast them into the void tbh


Just leveled up - the display seems to be working :eyes: :sparkles: :durtle_noice:



How’s the level up speed feel btw? Too fast? Too slow?

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I think it’s fine personally, but honestly I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it since it’s so small and in the corner lmao. I’d say it doesn’t feel too fast or slow tho honestly judging by my level and the work I’ve put in.


Seconding what Vanilla said. I’ve basically just started using the site seriously, it’s been only a couple months, I think? During the times when I didn’t add many lessons it felt a bit slow, but now that I’m adding a bunch I level up once a week or so maybe. Feels like an appropriate speed for the amount of work imo.


It’s hard to justify giving it more real estate when it literally doesn’t matter lol

Yeah I think I designed it for people to level up ~ 1 per week if they’re doing like 150-200 items a day. So like Wanikani pretty much.

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Bug report: The readings should be ヅ instead of ズ.


Question: Why is the reading sometimes written in hiragana and sometimes in katakana? Seems arbitrary to me.

Here’s one with hiragana as an example:



Is this not because of the difference in on’yomi and kun’yomi readings?

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No, both above are kunyomi readings.


The pitch accent dictionary overrides the reading when a pitch accent is available in the pitch accent dictionary.

Edit: okay so the pitch accent dictionary’s pronunciation does not necessarily align with readings. Ex: 行き詰まる (both ikidumaru and ikizumaru as readings) ⇒ ユキズマル because づ and ず are pronounced the same. I will have to find a different way to display the pitch then. The spelling difference (du and zu) are also why there are two identical-seeming definitions in the card.


Not much in the way of updates this weekend. I just moved apartments (again).

It’s semi-implemented now. You can see the frequencies for all the books which gives a similar effect.

If it’s insufficient in its current form then pitch me why and I’ll think about it. Again, didn’t have much time to work so I just made something.

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What are your thoughts on making sentence cards an option? I’ve probably watched too many MattVsJapan videos recently and am biased, but it’s hard to argue that words without context are less useful than they could be.

While I’m the sure the context is supposed to come from whatever book is being read, doing things in advance means you probably will not get to some words for quite a while. So maybe having the context be a part of your memory will help with comprehension of the word later on.

Ultimate ideal situation would be the user toggles vocab/sentence with the choice of a default. Then sentences are either auto generated from Tatoeoba where you can pick your favorite, or you add your own. Perhaps you type the reading of the underlined vocab word just like we do with the reading part now.

I have no idea how hard any of that is, but I’m curious if you think it would be helpful and worth your limited time at some point in the future.

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The idea sounds interesting but I’m not sure how much benefit it would have over actually just expanding/reworking the existing corpus. Is there a reason why the existing corpus sentences are insufficient (besides it just being incomplete for less common words)?

Just so you know, the next feature will be a flip card mode. But I’m interested in hearing your thoughts in the mean time.

A lot the example sentences are long, contain names, or are too hard (for me anyway). If I’m just trying to learn a word (麻痺) and how to use it in a sentence, something like the following


is much more challenging than:


You have the voting system, but it’s only available when you’re doing reviews which means I never use it since I only see it if I get a question wrong and because I want to complete the reviews as quickly as possible. It might be nice to have that feature during the pre-review quiz or when adding new words. Or maybe having multiple sentences (preferably from different books) appear.

Well yeah, you’d have to disable lightning mode if you wanted to see it.

I’ve looked at Tatoeba. It seems like less of a PIA than actually managing my own corpus, plus apparently they have data identifying author’s self-reported skill levels (which lets me filter out potentially low-quality sentences). So maybe

I also like sentence cards for some words and use anki for them, but I think the biggest thing koohi could do that would honestly take it to the next tier is always having the sentence from where we added it on the back of the card. Or is that already possible with the notes section anyways. It would be cool to automate it, but if not I could always just put in a few extra seconds of work per card and copy paste it in myself tbh. Didn’t think of that lol

I honestly care about example sentences mainly for one huge reason: the retention rate for a word where I can specifically remember where I saw it is much better than when I forget the context. Absolute game changer for words where you really have only seen them once or twice to be able to be reminded of where you saw them. Thus, the example sentence would need to be from where I learned the word. And then on top of that, yeah it’s nice to be able to see how it’s used. So really, even if it’s just me manually adding my own sentences that would be fine since I think it’s worth the effort.

I remember nath saying that the one thing all of his leeches have in common is that he can’t remember where he learned them from. Basically having the same problem.

EDIT: It appears that putting in the notes section works honestly. Good enough for the time being. I don’t know why I never thought of that before typing this post lol