Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Hmm I will check that out. I messed up by making by css selectors too specific and now they are a nightmare to debug.

Sure. I assume you want them to take you to the top as well?

No, I don’t think I’ll include a wk filter. The reader isn’t supposed to filter out anything because it’s supposed to be used while you’re reading.

I will add options for min frequency and wk levels though. The words will show but if they’re below your set amount it will lock you out of adding the word. So like vocab list filters but they’ll only stop you from adding unnecessarily, not prevent you from seeing the information.

The reader dodges the quality filter that I have on vocab lists because sometimes it results in losing legitimate words. I don’t know what I’ll do about this right now.

Um, do I just go to the general donation page and donate USD$25, and then write whichever book title I want into the message box? Should I do it as a private message?

(I’m having trouble locating the custom order information. I saw this:
“I’ve included a thing on the side bar of the library page about if other people want custom orders.”
but I don’t see anything like that on the library page.)

Sorry to be so clueless, but I don’t want to make a mistake when dealing with, you know, money.

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Oh, it’s not in the side bar, it’s in the very first card on the left side (Your Book Here).

Anyway yeah, follow the instructions there. Drop the required amount on ko-fi with the title(s) of the book(s) in the message. You can mark the donation message as private if you want.

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I was wondering how to effectively use this website, should you add words before, after, or while you’re reading/watching something? I’m probably gonna use this a bit later when I’ve progressed further in Wanikani so it’s not a big deal as of now, but I’m curious.

There’s two ways to use it.

The classic way would be to generate a vocabulary list for a book. You can filter out words you already know, words that are below a certain frequency threshold, and words below your wanikani level. This means that the list will be personalized to your level.

From there you would go through the list which has words from the book in order of appearance, and you would learn words BEFORE you see them in the book. Since you learned them beforehand, the actual act of reading the book is much easier.

The other way you can use it is by using the new “reader” feature. This has all the words in the book, even words you already know, and is intended to be used while you’re reading. So it has a bunch of handy features like being able to search for a word and then jumping to that part in the vocabulary list.

So TLDR vocabulary lists for pre-learning and the reader for learning and looking up while you read.


Ayy, much appreciated bud. I’ll check out some of those options now. Now that I think about it, I kinda wanna start doing it now haha.



No rush on this, since I’m still working my way through Kiki.

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They’re up :ok_hand:

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Thank you! (So fast…!)

Tweak: the book covers got swapped (i.e., the book covers don’t match their titles).

Big surprise: my percentage of known words turns out to be massively different for these two books! This is extremely useful to know, and I had no idea. I never would have guessed it from just leafing through them.

This tells me that I should read Lizard first, and then try to tackle Tsugumi later (maybe when my WK level is a bit higher).

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Ah sorry, I was at work so my attention was split. It’s fixed

I was so surprised at tokage’s word count that I rescanned it. I looked it up afterward. I guess these are short stories? I wouldn’t have guessed from how amazon priced it :sob:

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Yes, it contains six stories, printed on 175 pages in the physical book (compared to 228 pages for Tsugumi, not counting the Afterwords).

So I really loved the idea behind this because I actually have a physical book I can’t read already (bakemonogatari), but I’m a little confused on why when doing the reviews, instead of letting me do it until I get it right (and then still marking me down as having it wrong) like on Wanikani, it just only lets me do it once, right or wrong. Is there a specific reason for this? Should I study each word more on my own?

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

You can press backspace (undo wrong answer) if you want to keep trying like in Wanikani. Just a website quirk

Oh, I feel silly. It’s a good thing I asked then, thank you very much.

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Setting pool size to 1 also doesn’t change the item when you get it wrong. It makes you review meaning and reading back to back doe. Its what I have always done so I didn’t even realize this was a problem that people could have.

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Update 5/9 - Fat update copy & paste:

A lot of stuff this week. I mentioned on the Wanikani thread that I have a friend doing some work on statistics to boost work efficiency on this website, so this is the first update that involves using stats to drive development in any way.

Anyway, I do think that this “adding additional volumes” thing will not be happening frequently, because a later stat report the dude compiled showed that book club books have about 400% more engagement on average, therefore I should make adding book club books the primary effort of the site.

Change Log


  • Released a batch of second novels for series based on usage data (stats!!!)
  • Konosuba 2
  • Bakemonogatari 2
  • Otome Game no Hametsu Flag 2
  • Tenseishita Daiseijo 2
  • And also the Ryuugajou Nanana side story because this is my website and I can do whatever I want

Vocab Lists

  • Minimum quality filter no longer applies to exact matches (fixes missing words from Yuru Camp, etc.)
  • Recounted book unique words
  • Fixed definitions with é appearing garbled


  • Added pagination to the bottom
  • Added some options saving
  • Added wk/freq thresholds to options to help filter out what words you should be adding vs just looking up
  • Added lang=“jp” to words so that it doesn’t appear as mixed Chinese-Japanese
  • Search: deleting/trashing works properly
  • Search: deleting from search will sync with list


  • Fixed certain mixed words breaking (ゲーム機) etc. @fioraaeterna

Anyway, I got anime to put up next week plus some other books. Gonna be focusing on pouring in WK book club books cuz that’s what the data compels me to do.

At the same time I’m going to try to make more parts of the website accessible to people without accounts to make it more transparent what it’s about. I thought my reputation from Floflo would carry this project but its come to my attention that I need to be less lazy and actually put the legwork in a second time, because the quality of this project is infinitely higher but it’s factually not as popular as Floflo was.


Its ad time. Goodbye raid shadow legends, hello koohi ads


I don’t know what raid shadow legends is, but I’d definitely take koohi ads over the ones I get.
Although… half of those are for books (esp. manga and light novels) already, so maybe I would not notice the difference? :thinking:

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I have a couple questions

  1. First off, I started learning Japanese a couple months ago and found WaniKani last week, should I just start learning vocab on Koohi.cafe off rip or wait until I level up some more on WaniKani to have some more kanji under my belt?
  2. Since I’m just starting what number should I put in the min frequency?
  3. What are some easy books to read for beginners?
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