Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Lmao have you finally wiped your hands clean of floflo? And was that really a transfer word? I felt like I learned it in the past year which woulda been on koohi. Well, technically it should be really easy to check by looking at what book I first saw it in, but I can’t do that now because I’m on my phone. I’ll check it out tomorrow just because I’m curious.

100 pages in and it kinda felt a bit harder than normal. Glad to see it wasn’t just me getting rusty from playing nekopara and watching anime rather than reading books

Unless there’s a book called “data transfer,” probably.

SRS plugins killed. RIP in peace, disgusting creature.

These lesbian novels dropping the full power of the Japanese language on us

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Ye I checked oreshura and it was in there earlier on, so it was a floflo word and I guess my memory is just frickin with me

They really do kinda be hittin us with some vocab doe

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Oh, fun coincidence, I am reading the books right now and found out about the anime by googling AP-1 :stuck_out_tongue:
I was checking the episode list to see if I am past the content of the anime (I am). It’s a bit weird, but I feel it would not change much from the book, though. Stories are mostly independent anyway. They have skipped a few (major) things that they will probably use in the next season.

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Yeah I don’t really know. It felt like things were just happening. One after another. Like if I had an intern read the Spark Notes for me and then I made a storyboard based off the summary he gave me.

Anyway, it didn’t feel like they were skimping on the major events that happened in each story but like, the impact of whatever was happening was lost on me because the characters never stopped for five seconds to mention what was running through their minds.

It seems something that wouldn’t happen in a novel because you’re locked to their pov and they can’t help but express their thoughts in the prose.

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Hm, but there’s also a lot of time where they literally sit down and talk to each other about why they had to go to the other (back?) side.

Ah, I meant they skipped whole stories rather than elements in individual stories.
I just watched the first episode since it was free on Abema and, indeed, they do shorten the self-reflection parts, but we still hear 空魚’s thoughts. Still, getting through the first story in ~20 minutes felt really fast.
Also, I don’t really understand some of the design choices, but whatever.
Edit: I found a post complaining about all said design choices :stuck_out_tongue: Complaining indeed is a must.

Well I binged the manga last night instead of sleeping. It was good. Working with no sleep? Not so much.

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You should use your own website and read the novel. It’s better, in my opinion! (Based on the preview)
Anyway, I guess it’s always hard to make a visual of something “undescriptible” or “impossible to understand”, so I guess the mangaka did their best. (It’s better than the anime version, anyway)

U-use my… website? Wait, I can do that?


I’m wondering if there is a Koohi equivalent to Flo Flo’s glossary mode? I got used to having that open to reference unknown words I come across as I am reading.

I can add it. You’ll have to wait until the weekend though because I don’t have time during the work week.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad I asked. And thanks for all your efforts in creating and maintaining this resource.

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