Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

We good

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Thank you! Any update on the exporter frequency bug? :blush:

BTW I can’t find a link to your patreon on the top post or on koohi readily, maybe put it somewhere subtly? Unless you really don’t want to promote it that much. Especially since the info there is pretty outdated.

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It’s kind of in a tough spot right now. Like, I don’t really actually do the rewards anymore, since they’re for Floflo and half the things like… straight up don’t exist. So I kind of just let people keep donating but I don’t advertise it anywhere.

I take one-off donos on Ko-fi though. Ngl my monetization is in shambles rn.


Fight the power



Can you add this book?

The Absolute Beginners Book Club won’t start reading it until the 10th of July, but it’s free on Bookwalker now.

Edit: Ooops, just realised that it’s manga, so probably not.


I’m trying to import some known words. I have a huge list of flashcards I’ve made and studied on Memrise. But every time I try to import it, it says there’s nothing to import. I imagine I’ve got the format wrong. How should I format it?

Currently just trying to import the Japanese (because I imagine the English translations could vary) so was doing:
Japanes /n Japanese /n Japanese;etc.

But then I tried importing the Japanese with the English:
Japanese;English /n Japanese;English

And that didn’t work either.

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When I add stuff from manga, I generally do it after the book club is over. This is because OCR is too unreliable to make lists without having to do a lot of manual editing, so I literally just take the club’s vocabulary sheet and do it with that.

So I can do it after the club but not while it’s going, basically.

Make sure that you set the correct word # field. I’ve included a screenshot of what it sounds like your settings should be.

See on the left side - Field Settings > Word Field #
The column you select will be highlighted green. If you don’t have a column select or it’s a column without Japanese, it’ll say there’s no data to import.

I’ll update the website this weekend to stop allowing people to go to the next step if they don’t select a column. It seems to be a common confusion point.

If this doesn’t work for you, paste a few rows of your data into pastebin or something and I’ll try and work it out with you.


Thanks so much, it worked perfectly. It turns out I wasn’t selecting a column.

I added all the cards (around 2800 in total), and it worked well (2800 known words in my user stats), but the % of known words on each book in the library didn’t change at all.

It’s not such a big deal, I don’t mind going through each list and clicking whether I know the words or not manually, but just thought I’d mention it in case there’s a problem.

Thanks, the website is a godsend btw.

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No worries. The percent known is cached because it’s an extremely expensive operation to have to run for 350+ lists each time you enter the page. The number will be recalculated on your next browser session (which is basically just when you spend a few hours off the page).

I hadn’t considered about imports, but it’s an easy fix to have the session cleared after an import.

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You could just change it to be a tip jar and remove the rewards. (You can unpublish tiers instead of deleting them, if you want to remove any tiers. Deleting can make a mess.) I think all of us there know that that’s why we’re staying on. :slight_smile:

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Pretty much. But yeah, I’m actually using ko-fi as the tip jar because Patreon gets VATS/taxed/whatever depending on the country so 5-10% is lost. Ko-fi is still considered a pure donation so there’s no fee.

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When I try to create an account, it tells me I already have one, but when I try to log in, it tells me to create an account. Oi vey.

Some browsers autosave the username to the email field on your login. I just confirmed that registering works by doing, so unless you have some special bug try that.

I apologize in advance if either of these are dumb questions.

Once you generate a list based on a book you select, is there a way to make sure that the vocab you are getting is in chapter order? I’d like to be able to learn vocab and reinforce it through reading each chapter.

Also is there a way to review the words that you have already quizzed correctly and are in your review/srs queue?

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Everything is in the order they appear in the book.

To the second question, I think they may appear in your recents tab.

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Yeah, so if you go to the lessons page (top bar > manage) then click the “recent” button on the right side, it should show the last 200 or so items that you’ve reviewed. It’ll show kanji first so you might have to scroll a bit.

Well it’s always in chapter order, I suppose, because the lists are based on order of appearance. There’s no setting to actually filter by chapter though. The closest solution would be to use the Reader page (top bar > open book icon) since that lets you search for words as you’re reading (it’s more of a reference than a vocabulary list).

Hi @Raionus! First of all, thanks for all your hard work, you make me work even harder at learning Japanese :muscle:t3:

I was wondering if this is a new feature or a bug:

The top row shows that my percentage learnt is -Infinity% :sweat_smile:


It’s a feature for sure



Are there plans to implement an anki style review thing still?

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