Weow! Koohi.cafe - A WK friendly SRS [300 vocabulary lists!]

Damn, this looks pretty good. Will help streamline vocab beyond WaniKani. Maybe WaniKani+Koohi+Imabi+Anki+Native content is the true stack for learning Japanese.


I’m having a lot of trouble trying to use this, and I’m not sure if it’s broken or I’m just doing something wrong.

For the record, I am viewing the site on a Windows laptop with a small screen (13") using Firefox version 84.0.2.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. “Learn” > selected “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei” from dropdown (since I happen to have it on my ‘to read’ bookshelf) and clicked “Generate”
  2. Clicked “add” for 7 words and “trash” for 1
  3. Clicked “Practice”, there was nothing there
  4. Clicked “Manage”
  5. Selected first 3 words from list, clicked “Quiz”
  6. Completed quiz with one wrong meaning
  7. Quiz results popped up, and could not figure out how to get the popup window to go away (there was no ‘x’ and clicking outside the popup did nothing). Eventually closed the webpage and opened a new page.
  8. Clicked “Manage” and noticed that the 2 items I got right were no longer in the list, while the 1 I got wrong was still there.


  1. There seems to be no way to see which words you clicked “trash” on. If you accidentally said you knew a word, there seems to be no way to undo that. If I remember what the word was and search for it on the “Manage” page it will show tagged as “known” but the only option then is to delete it, after which I would have to search for it again to add it to a list. Even a reset did not make these words show up again for me when generating a new list. (aside: “trash” seems kind of a weird choice for “I know this”)
  2. Cannot see any way to exit out of the quiz results popup
  3. Similarly to point 1, there seems to be no way to see vocab words already in the SRS system. Once you get them right on a quiz you no longer see them in any list.
  4. UI for selecting words on the “Manage” page feels mobile-friendly but awkward on PC. I feel like a more speadsheet-style view word work better. (I’m imagining hundreds of items here)

Click the home button in the top right

Yes, if you get them right they go into your srs queue. Otherwise they stay in your lessons.

If you click trash on a word in a list, you can just click the back arrow to go back to that word and click the undo button.

I trashed, and then went back and marked that word as unknown exactly as you described, and they properly showed back up on my vocab lists. I’m not sure what you did, but if a word is not showing up on a vocab list that it should be on, you either ignored it or still have it marked as known.

Recently added was an exporter that allows you to see all your words. Its in the dropdown menu by practice

Personally I’ve never heard of anyone having hundreds of items in their manage tab. In that case I could see how it might be inefficient. The most ive had in like 3 years has been 30 something maybe

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Thank you! That was my biggest problem in trying to use this. Everything else was just minorly annoying.

Okay, so this is normal behavior? It’s just different from WK (where wrong or right, they go immediately to SRS and don’t stay in lessons) so not what I expected.

Okay, that helps a bit. My main problem now will be thinking I knew a word and clicking “trash” and then realizing later I misread the word. Most recently, I mixed up 現実 (which I know) and 実現 (which I didn’t) and clicked “trash” for 実現. I then had to go look up 実現 again and delete it then re-add it.

I think I didn’t explain well. If I manually search for it on the “Manage” page it does show up and is marked as “known,” but if I don’t remember what word it was I marked as “known” it looks like I’ll need to use that export tool you mentioned.

Okay, I’m probably getting ahead of myself then, and should pace it more by adding a few at a time and then quizzing on them. My original idea was to add a whole chapter’s worth of words at once and then gradually add them to SRS.

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Yeah its normal behavior

Ah, yes that would be a problem then. Although that could only really happen if you accidentally click trash on a word and then accidentally refresh the page or exit out immediately after and don’t remember what the word was. Small chance of happening and has never happened to me, but regardless I suppose a recently trashed words list would be helpful for that.

Its personal preference, but yeah usually I dont add words too far ahead. If you scroll up and look at my post, I actually cover why I personally don’t think adding a lot of ideas at once is a good idea. Personally I just add how ever many I’m going to put in my SRS for the day which is 20 for me.


Thanks again, I really appreciate all the help!

Sometimes it’s hard to get used to how a new tool works differently than what I’m used to, and you cleared up a lot of my confusion.

Yeah, I’m going to try to be more careful in the future. I was going a little quickly through the words I was adding because I was still testing it out. And that led to a few mistakes, which I then randomly clicked around a lot trying to undo.

It looks like the export tool lists known words with most recently “trashed” on top, so using that I was able to find my mistakes and then manually search for them one by one to undo.

I think I’m now back to square 1 with my lists and have a better idea how to use this site. :slight_smile:


Happy to help.

Floflo (the old site) actually had a list of recently learned/trashed words iirc so I wouldn’t be surprised if that feature ended up getting added on koohi as well.

Best of luck with the reading!

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I’ll try to hit stuff @Vanilla didn’t hit (thank you, btw)

On the manage page, you can click ‘recent’ and it will cover words recently reviewed (I can’t remember if a quiz counts as a review, though). There you can do stuff like delete/trash/modify words that you worked on recently.

They’re organized by most recently reviewed, however it’s also kanji then vocab (so you may need to go through some pages to get to vocab).

Funny you would mention that because mobile is always an afterthought for me. In any case, as Vanilla said you shouldn’t add too many words. The main reason I recommend against it personally is that all the lists are synced, therefore if you have hundreds of lessons (as some people do) and decide to swap books, all the lists will be missing words because they’re trapped in yours lesson page.

Anyway, sounds like Vanilla got most of your stuff sorted out

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I was thinking of implementing this and I don’t think it’ll be very hard to do. Soon, I think.


Lowkey never knew this existed lmao

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Ok, maybe its too soon for me to try something like that, and maybe im a little dumb and dont know how to really use the website. But, I did tried floflo/koohi a few times for a little bit and had some problems, im just trying to add some beginner feedback, i know is a free service, but every time a give it a try it pushes me away, and my main issues are:

1 - There aren’t a lot of beginner content right? Like Yotsubato / Dragon Ball SD / Graded Readers, JPLT5-4 stuff… And is it suposed to be in the order that the words show in the book/anime? I could not find that information on the website.
2 - I found the interface kinda weird and not very intuitive (using on IPAD), some things are too small and others are too big, but thats just my opinion.
3 - When adding words there is not a english translation right away (only later in lessons which is not a big deal, but would be nice, sometimes you know 1 meaning of a word and not others so you don’t really know if you need to add the word to the list). When i add a word, does it goes automatically to my reviews? Does it use the same algorythm that WK does?
4 - The search tool is kinda weird too, i don’t know what the difficult score is suposed to mean (the more points, its suposed to be harder or easier?), and a lot of itens are not rated
5 - It would be nice if there were a option to add the WK API that would automatically detect the words you are suposed to know
6 - Is there a android/apple app?

Im sorry if im being too harsh or just am too dumb to understand the website, but, for me it feels like something that is a few steps away from being something really awsome that i would really enjoying using it daily. For me, if it were something with a interface more like KameSame/Kitsun it would be so fun to use!
Thx anyway, perhaps i just need to get used to it!

You can set it to show english translations like this

Just set interface to advanced in the learn tab

You can set your wk level in the previously mentioned tab to filter out all words from that level and prior.

It goes to your manage tab where you can do lessons kind of like how wanikani has it.

Yes to your second question. To the first I think there aren’t any graded readers, but there are some easier visual novels and books iirc. Also anime in general is just a lot easier.



i’m trying to create my accout but show me an error

could you help me please. Thanks

I can’t seem to find that option, ill try later in my computer, using it in safari right now.

Thx for the quick reply!

If you’re on a small to medium device it may look like this. Click the gear near the generate button (bottom-right)

Are you referring to these bars?

These are relative frequencies supplied by a Japanese corpus. They only serve to tell you what the more likely meaning of a word is, so you aren’t lead to believe that all entries are of equal importance to learn. In the case above, たま is probably not worthwhile to learn.

Part of the confusion, I think, stems from the fact that most things have tooltips on PC, but they don’t activate on mobile because you can’t hover on mobile. If you feel like it, try it out on PC and then switch back to mobile when you get the hang of it.

I never intended for mobile to be the primary way for people to use the website, but I’ll probably need to reevaluate that.


It’s difficult to say because I can’t ask you to tell me your password obviously.

As stated in the error message, the only characters allowed in a password are mentioned there: upper/lowercase letters, 0-9, and the listed special characters. I’m noticing that an underscore isn’t present in the list of characters (which would be a mistake on my part). Do you have an underscore in your password somewhere? Or maybe some non-standard characters like kanji/chinese, etc.?

Edit: if the issue was an underscore I’ve fixed it

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In terms of learning Japanese, I’ve learned hiragana, katakana, and am currently only level 5 on WaniKani. Is it too early to check out and try koohi.cafe?

Im actually refering to that number in pink (as show in the image above) when i choose to order the books/animes by difficult. The highest are harder?

In mine the gear does not appear (neither on ipad or chrome)

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I remember fiddling with flo*flo last year. I found the list generating and navigation pretty confusing. Woudl you say koohi improved significantly on these points ?

thanks! Now all is ok :slight_smile:

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