Welcome to the WaniKani Community


Welcome to the club.

Before you run off to create a post about how slow WaniKani is during your first week, please be sure to read the FAQ and guide. So much good info in there.

We also have some rules that are important to follow. We don’t like sending anyone to jail, after all. Here’s a big picture summary of the rules, for those that don’t like to read:

Please treat others with respect. Offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, and/or vulgar posts will result in a time out or ban.

“What generalization!” you say. And you’re right.

That’s why it’s so difficult to enforce things on the internet. It’s a big, fat, gray area. Admins and moderators will do their best to be fair and keep the WaniKani Community a nice, fun, safe, and educational place to be. But please understand: every time we have to look at a post for judgement, it’s just that: a judgement call. Whatever decisions the moderators make, they are doing their best to stay consistent with the rules, listed below. Also, their decisions are final, so please don’t cry-cry when you’re put on time out.

  1. Treat others with respect: This is just basic human decency. Sometimes this means being nice during your interactions with individuals. Sometimes this means refraining from posting things that will offend a particular group (even if that group is just “the entire human race”). Be nice, you know? We’re all on the same team here, and it is imperative that we are united when the lizard people emerge from Mt. Rainier.

  2. Don’t Spam / Promote: We get it. You made an app or resource about Japanese. Good job. Maybe it’s a simple Anki deck. Maybe it’s a PDF. Maybe it’s the next Rosetta Stone. If you post those things on the forums to tell people about it, generally it’s fine. If you post it up many times, or purposely bump your post so more people will artificially see it, then it’s becoming promotion and spam. Promotion should have to do with learning Japanese or (legal) material with which you can study Japanese. Promotion for other not-related-to-Japanese things will likely be taken down. If you’re not sure, you can email us to ask if something is okay or not.

  3. Don’t say some of the bad words: Keep it PG-13. There are kids here. And parents too! Not to mention the elderly, to whom we must show filial piety. It is, despite what you might think, possible to communicate just as effectively without taking a stroll down F-Bomb Lane. Don’t even think about turning down C or B (butt?) Street.

  4. Don’t be illegal: Illegal activity, including hacking, torrents, asking for sect names, illegal downloads, communities doing illegal activity, etc., will not be tolerated.

  5. Don’t post inappropriate material: This is a tough one. The standard for “inappropriate materials” depends on the person, country, culture, and another 323 criteria. But, think of it this way: If you wouldn’t be comfortable showing something to your mother, your boss, or both, then it shouldn’t be posted here. That includes linking to places (websites, communities, etc) that are defined as “inappropriate.” Moderators will do their best to make the right decision when it comes to taking things down or not, and sometimes you won’t agree. Cool.

  6. Don’t be a troll: No trolling or attacking individual members / groups for their opinions, beliefs, etc. If there’s an argument, that’s fine. Debate the issue with as little toxicity as you can muster. If a thread gets out of line, it will be closed and trolls will be given a timeout or ban.

  7. Moderators have the final word: They may also may make decisions that are not explicitly explained here in the rules (or perhaps require some opinion). If you run into any issues with this, please email hello@wanikani.com and we’ll help to resolve the issue. Most of us here are human, and we’re doing the best we can to be fair and consistent.

  8. Rules are subject to change: Rules are subject to change at the administrators’ discretions. If you find new ways to break the rules, we’ll probably find new ways to change the rules. So, you know, just be nice, please! It’s way easier that way.

  9. What Happens If I Break The Rules? Maybe just a warning. Maybe a timeout (you won’t be able to use the forum for a while). Maybe a ban (you won’t be able to use the forums ever again!). It just depends on how bad things are and how many times you’ve broken the rules. You’ll get a private message from a moderator to go along with it, with an explanation. Please don’t beg for mercy.

  10. Do not request a sect title: Just don’t do it, brah. Nothing good will happen.

Common Questions (with Answers)

We get a lot of emails about the same things, mostly because nobody reads the knowledge base. Please do that, then email us with any other questions! Or, ask your question here in the forums. That’s probably faster, anyways.

Last but not least!
The WaniKani Community is a public forum. Content you post and contribute to the Community can be found via outside search engines, even without a WaniKani account. So please don’t post anything that you don’t want the public to see associated with your WaniKani username, and refrain from sharing any information that you don’t want remaining online. Also, please do not give personal information to others! Despite how awesome people on the WaniKani forums are, this is still the internet! Be careful both on and off the WaniKani forums!

Otherwise, go have some fun, be nice, and learn a thing or two.

The WaniKani Team

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