Weird intro email from WK


I got this email today, right about when I hit level 21.

Isn’t it weird that WK sent me an email about learning hiragana? I haven’t gotten any other emails like this since I first started.


I got that too


Well at least now you know that you should probably learn hiragana.


Yeah, it looks like this email got stuck in a time vortex - I think I got mine at lvl 2.


I didn’t get one O_o
*now I feel left out :wink: *

Weird though, that you got it this late.


I’ve never got one of these. I am expecting one once I hit level 60.


We’ve been having some hiccups with our mail service lately (e.g., Some getting e-mails telling them they’ve reached Level 2 when they’re at Level 3) but this is pretty strange. I’ll pass this on to the team, but thanks for the catch!