Weird bug have a look

I then just entered the radical’s name and the page reloaded. I got the radical flashcard promted a few reviews later but my url changed to this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet and many of my scripts stopped working but later did once I reloaded.

What scripts do you have installed? It’s most likely caused by one of them

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Hide Review Accuracy
Wanikani Double-Check
WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer
Wanikani Heatmap
Wanikani Open Framework
WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews

Currently WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews requires script compatibility mode as far as I can tell. Honestly I would switch that to something else, like Reorder Omega, as that has the same functionality, but might be more up to date


Hey endle!

Has your issue been resolved? :slightly_smiling_face:

-Nick at WK

Yep luckily just a one time thing

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Great to hear! Happy studying! :nerd_face:

-Nick at WK

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