Weird, broken Japanese examples

Every time I get to the example sentences, it’s a mix of Kanji and Katakana for Kanji I haven’t learned yet…it makes the sentence structure very confusing, trying to decipher characters only to find out it’s a kanji I haven’t learned yet.
Is there a way to turn this off and just get the normal sentence?

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No. The idea is that they don’t use kanji you haven’t seen on WK yet.

It’s like this till lvl 20 or so.

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I will recommend the Anime Sentences script if you haven’t seen it. For some vocabulary it will add a lot of examples, as well as audio. It’s not perfect though, since it’s a machine searching for the words, but usually pretty good. You can also use a browser add-on to identify unknown Kanji and words. I like 10ten, but there are several out there.

On a related note, you will find that many common words are written in kana and not Kanji. Many WK users suffer because we know a kanji, but fail to recognize the kana forms.

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