Weird behaviour for 庫

Something weird happened to me two days ago. I was doing my reviews on a userscript-free computer and got to the reading for the kanji 庫. I typed こ, which is kunyomi so the box just shook. Having no idea what the reading was, I then typed ひ. Shaking. てん. Shaking. の. Shaking. Finally I typed しししし and was marked wrong.
Is this supposed to happen? I checked on jisho and it doesn‘t look like those are alternative reading for 庫.

My dictionary says こ is on’yomi and くら is kun’yomi for 庫. What did it tell you it was looking for? Edit: also those other readings should have been marked incorrect right? Maybe you were typing a reading when it wanted a meaning?

It’s clear that the other readings should have been marked incorrect, so the questions is just why the system didn’t mark them incorrect. Considering that it eventually marked しししし incorrect suggests that they were indeed on the reading screen.

Did you have any other WK windows open at the same time you were doing this review?

Unexpected shaking is often caused by that.

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No other window, no userscript. That‘s why I really don‘t understand why this happened.

That‘s the thing, it should have marked them as incorrect, but it didn‘t.

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I’ve had this happen in a few reviews. I’m not sure exactly what triggers it, but I’ve always just reloaded my review session and it works the next time.

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