Week 6: 容疑者Xの献身 - The Devotion of Suspect X 🌹

Oh wow, what a chapter 11 was! A lot happened here. :open_mouth:

I also feel like 石神 is setting himself up as a scapegoat here. Why would he be sending a threat implying he killed 富樫 to 靖子, who knows the truth - but to make her show it to the police and to make them believe it was someone other than her and her daughter.

While I also get the impression that he is very willing to sacrifice himself for her, since he does appear to see himself as very unworthy of love and, perhaps, of lower worth than 靖子. I don’t necessarily think that’s his plan right here, though. I think he still wants to direct the police’s attention some non existing 3rd party’s way.

So far he has been calculating the outcome very well. I wonder how his feelings of jealousy will affect him.

This is such a great read. I feel like there’s also a very decent amount of unknown vocab, spread very nicely, haha.


Read the end of chapter 11 last night and I was so sleepy that I didn’t understand a word. Then I reread it today and I was like woah I can’t believe he is turning out to be a crazy person (but then again you have to be a little crazy to assist in a stranger’s murder…). And then I read @Naphthalene’s thoughts and something like that makes a lot of sense. It’s kinda funny to me that I was so busy trying to understand the literal meaning of the Japanese text that I didn’t even think of something like that. I feel like I might have if it was in another language…

I have very little time to read Japanese lately but I’m really trying to catch up before it’s over. I’m even neglecting 狐笛のかなた since the margin for that one is bigger…shame on my cow.
It’s motivating when I’m reading and something interesting happens and I can’t wait to read what everyone has had to say about it in the threads.