Week 4 ~ "Maths in Japanese" (Math and CS book club)

I don’t! I barely had the skills to make it collapsible. Feel free to revert it if it’s worse.

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Here’s a question on the history section.


  • インド人
  • バビロニア人
  • 古代エジプト人
  • ドイツ人
  • 古代ギリシア人

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Just type something like

I’ve already made a few posts in LaTeX like that, and they worked out pretty well.

Anyhow, I hope the readings are going well. I might drop in from time to time (and this thread will be on my ‘Tracking’ list thanks to this reply anyway), but I’m not sure if I’ll be joining you guys in reading these articles. I’m currently 99% certain (I just need a few more minor announcements for confirmation) that I’ve been admitted to an engineering school with a heavy focus on computer science, and I know that one of the first languages that will be tackled is Java, so I intend to use my summer to study in advance and get ahead. As such, I think the most motivating way for me to combine this with my Japanese study (I’m now aiming to hit N1 within the next month or so) is to learn Java in Japanese. I’ll be doing so on Progate, which @NyappyTiramisu once recommended (thank you!), provided the course is free. (I’ll see if it is. If it isn’t… I’ll weigh my options.) I might come back to the Wikipedia articles if I feel the need to brush up on mathematical terminology though. 皆さん、頑張って!


Thanks for sharing. And I agree with you, it does make sense to not to be able to change the voting options after people already voted. Do you know if I can edit the post around the poll (not changing parts of the poll itself) without loosing the votes?

Awesome. And now I understand the power of these quizzes. Or to phrase it differently… now I want to read the history section of the article as well.

Thanks for checking in. Hope your exams went well as well.
Absolutely go with what fits your personal schedule. We are always happy to have you around but it should never become an obligation :slight_smile: (Not saying that you give the impression that it feels like an obligation for you. Just want to let you and others know that everyone can join or step back as they feel comfortable with.)

Beats me what I typed in the last two quizzes :see_no_evil: It always gave me some error not translating the latex code correctly. I was trying to reproduce the error with this post but now I’m not capable in doing so. I’m encouraged though to give the “latex code inside of a poll” stuff another try with the next quizzes.


Haha I agree, I actually read some more of the article just so I could answer all your questions :smiley:

And yes, you can change the text around the poll, it shouldn’t affect anything.

I watched this week’s videos. There is a lot of vocab. I can’t say I remember everything.
The second video was a bit more difficult because he uses a bunch of vocab that hasn’t been introduced, so I relied on the japanese subtitles quite a bit. There’s also some stuff about units that I wouldn’t really call math but that’s interesting too.


I just watched the fractions video. When I got to the 0.222 part, I knew immediately it was 2/9 because I have that pattern memorized, but I don’t think I’d actually seen that method for figuring out the fraction before. If I did at some point, I’d completely forgotten it. So it was pretty interesting to see that.

Overall, not that many useful terms in the fractions video though, at least compared to the previous two videos. Partly that’s because I don’t feel like memorizing words like 通分 and 約分 though…

The classification of numbers video had a lot of useful terms, but I’d already looked all those up in the last couple weeks, so none of them were new to me.

Hopefully I’ll have time to watch the next two videos this week as well.


Yet another week past. How did it go for you? Leaned something new or something that surprised you?

… and are you still on board? :blush:

Week 4 ~ Are you reading with us?
  • I’m reading along
  • I’ll catch up later
  • I’ll skip this one
  • I’ve dropped it completely
  • Nope, only here for polling :upside_down:

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