Week 16: コーヒーが冷めないうちに (Intermediate BC)

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Week 16


Start date: 02 October 2021
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page (PB) Page Count
Week 16 02 October ミキは男を無視して部屋の奥へと姿を消してしまった。 331 20

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Alrighty, finished this week’s reading.

Considering the cafe’s new manager is described exactly the same as Goro - i.e. with a scar running from his right eyebrow to his right ear - I genuinely thought they were all hiding in the back room playing a prank on Kei, but apparently not. (Weird thing: the English translation has Kei tell Kazu she plans to travel back to “3pm”, which means Nagare’s description of the transposition she made suddenly pulls “15:00” out of nowhere…)

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I had to think back to remember whether Kei had ever seen Goro in person. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t. My first thought was that it makes sense to reuse the same few actors again and again, this being a play. It’s such a(n uncomfortably) small world. What kind of cafe is that where almost no one new ever enters (and if they do, they tend to stay forever?).
So that date mix-up didn’t really affect anything other than Kei failing to recognize her own daughter? Because in the present she told them about the mix-up, they weren’t expecting her in ten years, right?

Unrelated to the current week’s reading, I realized that there’s more loose ends than just the one-piece woman. Was Kumi’s excessive eating ever properly addressed or explained? Or was it just a throwaway joke all along?


Pretty sure it’s just a throwaway gag.


It felt somehow out of place to me. Was it supposed to show that she had been waiting in the cafe all day with nothing to do, or that she just loved to indulge? Or was it just something to lighten the mood before the intermission? :thinking:

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Nadeshiko in Yuru Camp is a massive eater, and while it is somewhat connected to her absurd ability to ride her bicycle up mountains, it’s never portrayed as anything more than an amusing character trait.


Hello everyone, and here is the last Week 17 reading week for the current book! Those who completed, and those who tried reading, could you please go to the main book thread and leave there a few lines with your opinion? Both in terms of overall reading value, and in terms of vocab/grammar difficulty. It would be great if you could compare it to other books read by IBC, so that those people to follow our steps could make a better reading choice.
Thank you so much for this reading journey, I hope I did not overburden you with my sloppy threads posting.
See you in the next IBCs!