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Week 11

Start date: April 24th
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page Page Count
Week 11 Apr 24th その子、ちょっと普通じゃないんやから」 162 14

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In my Tsubasa Bunko, this week’s reading ends on page 161. Almost the end of page 161, but still…


It’s really getting going now. I had forgotten that body switching was passed down in the 宮水 family. It sort of sets up the possibilities of prequels/sequels. Are they the only ones who have this ability, or are there others? Is it actually related to ティアマト彗星? I bet it all started with Ancient Aliens…

Actually, the Ancient Alien theory might hold some water after all. I’m casually cruising at work right now, but I might go into a deep dive when I get home…

There’s a reference here to a theory that an alien/god was specifically trying to nuke the Miyamizus, possibly the descendants of another god/alien.