Week 10: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

Hahaha absolutely! He does like to pull off his shows :joy: And wasted half a chapter with his fabulations about how everything rotated and how he discovered it. Maybe that is unfair of me to say so because I understood this pretty much straight away, and maybe other readers need much more support here? But anyways it felt a bit overdone.
Well at least it was interesting to have the room rotate with the doors open, so everybody could witness it.

I must say I had to double-check the persons list a fair number of times as well :sweat_smile:

Haha I almost forgot about that bit! Really curious how this will be resolved in the last chapter.

I think it wouldn’t work out timeline-wise if Soutarou was Noboru’s father, right? We’re talking about 12 years ago here, while Noboru is already 19. Or do you think that Soutarou was in love with Kimie during all that time? I thought that maybe Soutarou was more “in reach” of Noboru because I guess the professor had secluded (or almost secluded) himself for a long time already? Also I think that Noboru only learned about his true father around the time of the first disappearance of the statue, i.e. 12 years ago?

At one point I got a bit lost in the Japanese - maybe someone could lend me a hand?

The sentence in question is

Oh ok I think I got it now. This is saying that Kimie hated Ritsuko [because she was Soutarou’s wife], and then, when Kimie learned that Soutarou was in love with Ryouko, she [Kimie] also hated Ryouko, right?
(First I thought it means that “when Soutarou told Ryouko that he loved her”, but then I would have expected 知らせる or something.)