Week 1: 笑わない数学者 - Mathematical Goodbye (S&M Vol.3)

Riight? Loved that too, and I found it very amusing how rumors had spread in the meantime, and how Saikawa seems to be a pro at getting him into embarrassing conversations :joy_cat:

Now, for the murder that’s supposed to happen. Or maybe more than one? We got to know a few people already… What is your bet regarding who gets killed? And who is the murderer? I’m seriously hoping that Moe’s classmate Kazuki isn’t the victim! He seems so sweet an innocent with his keigo :grin: Shun’ichi, on the other hand, somehow feels like a very unpleasant person already. Maybe he is involved in one way or another? Also, would he be the titular non-laughing mathematician? :thinking:

And did y’all notice that the fan got mentioned twice already? By now I’m pretty convinced that somebody will get hanged there - this seems to be a very classical scenario according to the amount of Google search results…

Oh by the way, I’m working on putting up a list of names and stuff (once I get my generator script to collaborate a little bit better :sweat_smile:) EDIT: Mission accomplished - names list is now in the OP :slight_smile:

In case I forgot a name or got any of the info wrong, I’d be happy if you could tell me :blush: