Week 1 😤 ロマンティック・キラ - Romantic Killer dicussion thread (Beginner Anime Club)

General comments on the show after watching the first two episodes:

  • The show leans really heavily on all the standard high school rom-com anime tropes, but at least it has fun doing it.

  • The ending theme is pretty entertaining.

  • リリ still reminds me of Topato Potato.

They had some fun with the instant noodle packages in episode 2.
  • The miso one is a pun, since 食ってみそ also means “go ahead and eat some”
  • The brand name やみつき means both ”addictive“ and “sickening.”
  • The shōyu one is just labeled やっぱ定番でしょうゆでしょ or “Yeah, it’s regular old shōyu I guess”

Netflix has Japanese subs for the show; see some discussion in the other thread if you don’t see Japanese listed in your subtitle menu.