[WebApp] WaniKanjigation

Introducing WaniKanijgation.

View all the conjugations for all the WaniKani Vocab you’ve unlocked. (Well, for the level you’re at and before, regardless of unlock status). Also, test your conjugation skills. For an added bonus, you can lookup the conjugations of any verb, even those not on WaniKani.
It will ask to log in every time, but it should store your api key, and the options you set, into local storage, and pre-fill those next time.

It’s still super rough. Not much CSS, and a fairly ugly layout. But functionally, its pretty much there. Few things to iron out yet. Also plan to add adjectives at some point.

Also need to come up with some good tooltips to describe the conjugation forms.


  Results screen (ugly)
  Na and I adjective pages. (No testing or lookup for non-WK adjectives yet)

  Adjective testing


This is really cool! Thanks for sharing, i’ll definitely keep an eye out as new versions come out :slight_smile:

A few things to note:
You already touched on this in your comment about tool tips but it would be helpful to have definitions or examples for each verb form type. Maybe I missed something in school but I have 0 knowledge of the names of verb forms and am 31 years old lol

Also, for the testing functionality it would be nice if less options were required. So that by default testing would include all possible variations, and the more things checked would narrow down exactly what is being tested.

Lastly, if you could get an SRS going for this as well that’d be pretty cool!

Really great job so far though, keep it going :slight_smile:

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Also, if you wanted others to contribute, you might want to add a README.md to the github with instructions on how to set up an env locally-- I’d definitely like to at least look at the code :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have no idea what verb forms are either by their names. The ones I do have tips for, I just stole quick snippets from Wikipedia. I need to find some better definitions to “borrow”.
If it defaulted to everything the queue could be massive (for me its 45,252 items). It should, if its functioning correctly, remember what you pick though. So, you’d only have to go through the pain of clicking all your options once.
It does use local storage, so any choices you make won’t carry over from one machine to another. Also, if local storage ever decided to clear itself or some such :man_shrugging:
SRS would be nice, but probably a bit of an undertaking. I’d like to at least get some sort of scoring system going. I can probably, with the way its working now, get a final score without too much trouble. But, I’d also like to get a rolling tally of how you’ve done historically. That, would be a bit of work, and could get messed up with WaniKani adds/removes/moves things around.