[Webapp] Wanikani Writing Prompt

Hi all~ I have the habit of making tools for myself, but with this one I thought, why not make it public?

The problem
When I go to Lang-8 to write a post, I forget all my Wanikani-words. (Wanikani is great for reading, not for writing.)
And when I just want to write about a thing that happened to me, I don’t have any words to describe it. The topic is often too hard for my level.

The app/tool/thingy
It gives you three words (or how many you want), for you to write a post, sentence or story with, from your own Wanikani-level.
Feel free to post your sentences here. (Or should that be in the new ‘Only Japanese’-forum?)

Check it out here:

May the bugs keep their mouth shut. (Tested on Mac: FireFox, Safari and Chrome.)


(this is actually pretty fun)

(thanks for making this :slight_smile: )


I just started experimenting with Lang-8 and your tool is interesting. When I write in my native language I try to limit myself just like this, since it makes it easier to get going than total freedom. Tried it and got:

  1. 世 - world, society, age, generation
  2. 大声 - large voice, loud voice, big voice
  3. 心配 - a worry, concern, anxiety, worry
Sound like should write a manifesto :smiley:

This is very neat. Thanks.

My first three words:
中学生 (middle school)
赤ちゃん (baby)
競争 (competition)

Let me come up with a crazy sentence/story:
私の赤ちゃんは、地元の中学校でのスポーツ競争に行ってきました。 彼は勝った!
My baby went to a sports competition at the local middle school. He won!

Maybe I should have used 参加 (participation)? Feel free to correct me. I’m not that good yet at creating sentences.

This is one of the most useful apps yet. Great work friend.

Yaay! Glad you guys like it :smiley:

I guess now there’s no excuse for me to get back to Lang-8…

1. 母 (mom) 

2. 新聞 (newspaper) 
3. 入所 (admission) (but it says a lot about imprisonment…?)

According to the newspaper, my mom is in prison.