[WebApp] WaniKani Timemachine!

Hey there, just came across your very cool webapp.
I’ve got one problem though: If I try to use the range control below the time stamps, some exceptions are thrown. The whole page is empty after that.

There are some warnings, also.

Edit: I’m using Firefox :fox_face:


Eternal Paradise…

My Firefox console also complains about some unhandled promise rejections…

While the graph looks nice, it’s obviously wrong.


Before the API Cutoff the data is incomplete from the API. I only have the started_at , passed_at , and burned_at data available for each item. After the API cutoff the item will be correctly categorized after you review it one more time.

Is there any other obiously wrong things?

I will look at the firefox error tonight.


I’m seeing the same, and another thing: when you select a section of the plot, the Y-axis does not get properly scaled (it keeps the scaling from the full view).

It works fine in Chromium. :+1:

FWIW, this does not happen on the old version.

The firefox error should be fixed now.

display: none on svg elements in FF seem to be a no-go^^

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@dasding: Would it be easy to make it detect the most recent reset (if any) and default the time span to that? Or maybe have some sort of persistent way to set a default time span?

For people like me, with long histories with resets, showing the entire history by default is not so useful (and can even be a bit discouraging at times) :sweat_smile:


i feel you, i will look into it soon-ish :wink:


This is cool! But I have the same problem someone posted earlier: my join date is like 2 years before I actually used it, so my graph is just a steep pile on the right side. Can we override start date?

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Just want everyone to know how dang sexy this app is


Exactly - I actually have a restart from Level 1 (e.g. a reset back to Level 1) and I would like it to only show from the right side of it - you can’t see on there anything to the left anyway…

Wow, I just found this now! This is amazing! I might include it in my level 60 post!


Hey i’m late to the party. I am hitting a wall right now, this is the kind of gizmo that boosts my interest in my own progress and keeps me going.


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This is looking absolutely great!
I love the fact that there is a gradation of the kanji color within a given level. Here’s my progress graph to date :blush: (apprentice 1 to 5 are 5 diff colours, for example).

Here’s my comment: I wish the slider bar had a “play” button to animate the bar to the right. - that would be really super cool imo.


Fascinating, yet terrifying how much there’s still to burn and learn…
The Kanji look almost exactly as you would expect at2/3 done, though.


Returned to this thread just to say again how much I love this thing. Note if you do end up adding that most recent reset thing please have it toggleable as when I may one day reach 60 I would love to see all my progress and failures lol.

Here’s how far I’ve gone and fallen. To my next rise! Cheers!

Never noticed this but the day is a bit off for before they kept track of stuff but really not a big deal lol
(Man have I had WK for a pretty long time :crying_cat_face: lets get that cake one day)


そんなにカッコイイですよ! Thanks for making this app!

This is what I’ve seen when attempting to reach the URL any time in the last few days. I’m using Opera GX.

problem is the ssl cert…expired on the 14th…

usually this happens because a webmaster quit/retired - email address or whatever changed and whoever handles the renewals just missed it… if that’s the case it is usually resolved in a few days…if not …someone should notice soon :wink:

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Yeah, in my browser (Waterfox) there’s an option to “accept the risk and continue”

That’s a bit odd. Letsencrypt certificates have a cronjob running as a daemon to update themselves automatically. It’s free of charge.