[WebApp] WaniKani Timemachine Proof of Concept


This is really great! I somehow can project when will I burn all the items.:heart_eyes:

By the way, I always need to refetch the full dataset to update, is it how this web app suppose to work right now?

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that’s some steady progress!

currently yes, i’m quite busy atm, i plan to finish a rewrite in the first weeks of april which will be fancier and overall more elegant :wink: this is really just a rough thing^^


This is really cool!

At a superficial level I got no errors, so that’s good. One suggestion is to add a function to start at some date, or recognize resets. Sorry if it’s been suggested before, but for me it looks like this:

Edit: after scrolling I saw it’s been mentioned at least three times already. Sorry about that. :confused:

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the rewrite will have functionality to accommodate that in some way,
something like a range select or zoom-in feature

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AAAAAA This is awesome!! Thank you so much!!


This is fffffff cool !


So in the current version we can see how many apprentice, guru, etc. items that we have at any given time.

Do you also plan to show how many review/lesson items we have at any given time?

I’m kinda wondering out loud if this would even be useful/interesting.


Super excited someone’s making this! I’ve always wanted to be able to visualize my progress like this, so thank you @dasding !

I know that this is probably very difficult to implement, but I wonder if it would be possible to automatically generate a series of pictures that someone could use as a background for their PC, since Windows doesn’t support .gifs or videos as backgrounds. Basically, say 1 photo for a given time period taken at a given interval (every time you level up, once a month, or something like that) with a date/time stamp. Not something that is something that you should focus on for the API contest - just a thought about a cool feature for the (distant) future.

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Discovered this today, really nice!

Mine is a bit of an edge case: I joined WaniKani a long time ago but didn’t really start using it (read: decide it was worth the money) until recently. As a result my graph looks like this:

Would be awesome if it either automatically cut off the long period of no activity or if I could just manually “zoom in” to a particular time period.

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I don’t think the developer of this app intends to finish it. It is and always will be this incomplete version.


not so fast!


prove me wrong!

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Good! I got worried there for a moment a few days

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