[Web App] WaniMaru - All SRS stages visualized!

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself: “Oh boy, I sure do wonder how my reviews would look on a bunch of circles representing different SRS stages!”? No? Well, at least I have.

Introducing: WaniMaru! (I’m very original)

So, this is just a fun website to check your reviews in a different form. Each circle represents an SRS stage: Big “Lesson” circle in the middle, and then 9 tracks with arrows on them. Each arrow is a batch of reviews, and a by “batch” I mean “group of items that have the same SRS stage and time until review”. Upon clicking an arrow, info box will show up that will say what SRS stage it is, how soon this batch will appear in your review pile, and which items it will contain.


  1. Open https://wanimaru.herokuapp.com/ or launch locally with files at GitHub - Spynder/WaniMaru
  2. Enter your API v2 key into appeared modal box.
  3. Page will refresh, and after all data is retrieved from WaniKani API, arrows will display on tracks.
  4. Click arrows to display their contents. Info box will display SRS stage and time until review, along with every item in that batch. You can click those items to go to WaniKani’s page about them.
  5. Bookmark the website, return to this thread and write a response about how much you loved your time using it.

I tried fixing every bug I saw, but of course I can’t catch them all. I ask of you to notify me about any bugs and/or suggestions. For now I don’t think Burned items display or work at all, but since I haven’t burned any items yet, I can’t test it. I guess this is in my TODO list.


That is an interesting way to visualize it




That’s a fun one :slight_smile:

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Very creative viz. Nice work :slight_smile: