[Web App] WaniKani History + Timemachine

Wouldn’t you need to change the text at the top of the bars to black as well? :wink:
assuming that both screenshots show the same data…


Ooohhh… I didn’t even notice it was missing! You’re right.


I did the small bug fixes for the main site.

And… there is now an early access for the time machine requested by @UInt2048 :grin:


It’s pretty close to the original WK timemachine at the moment but because that one is not maintained it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m going to add more features to it later anyway!

The website is not accessible through the main page yet because I want to eliminate as many bugs as I can first. The first time the website is loaded it takes some time for the time machine data to load (maybe I can work on that a little more). But then the data is cached. Because this is custom data this can’t be handled by wkof which is why there might be some bugs. So please if you find that after coming back a few days later and it does not work or looks weird just say it.

At the moment only desktop devices can use it well because the navigation works with arrow keys. I will add a slider for mobile soon.

Should I make an extra thread for the time machine because it’s difficult to manage issues for both sub pages in the same thread probably?

Here is the link btw: WK History


You can request people use the issues page on GitHub and redirect feature requests / issues there like Tsurukame does. Then you can categorize with GitHub labels, and close them when implemented.

Then, this thread would be primarily intended for updates.


Hi, I do have one minor bug to report - ive noticed that known and unknown vocabulary percentages in the pie chart dont sum to 100% (not even close to blame rounding).

It looks like “Percentage Vocab Learned” is actually showing “Percentage Kanji Learned”?
(5417 from total 6501 should be 83.3%, but it shows 81.3% - same number as kanji, which seems correct as thats 1686 from 2074)

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You’re right! I accidentally used the percentage learned from kanji for vocab, but used the right one for the unknown vocab. In the next update it should be fixed! :smile:

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Heya, thanks for the awesome tool!

Just a minor bug to report:
If an API key that was used for WK History is retired, the page will seemingly load endlessly.
Of course, there’s nothing to load as WK will return a 401 status code:

At this point, the user is unable to do anything as the “Loading Data…” overlay prevents interaction with the site.
I was able to fix this by manually overriding the invalid key in the corresponding LocalStorage object.


uhh… I never expired a token so I never noticed. I’m sorry! :smiling_face_with_tear: This will also be fixed in the next update!


Two more pieces of feedback:

I just noticed this, nice! I use a tiny chromebook for all my jp learning so my screen isn’t wide enough for the two column view and I would really like to move this up past the “Wall of X” stuff. Also: should “Total Words” be “Total Items” perhaps? I’m not sure what having a total of 253 words in my radical column means:p

I want 1 month to be the default here but it resets to 1 day every time I refresh the page, could you make it remember the last used setting here (or did you make a button or something where we could save current settings, I can’t remember).

Other than that, keep up the good work:D


I wanted to switch to a different kind of graph visualization library soon anyway (which might take a while) but then the charts will be dynamically created, thus smaller screen sizes can have the two column layout too. But I will still try to find a workaround for it in the mean time!

Yeah, that’s probably more sensible!

Weird, when I try it it remembers the months and days (it should always remember all the settings).
I just found out that it has something to do with the function I’m using that should fire when the website is closed or reloaded… it is disabled for some devices because some shady people make pop ups open when you try to close out of their website and stuff. But I’ll definitely find a way to fix that.


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I upgraded the time machine:

I hope most of the bugs are fixed by now but if you come across one you can tell me!

I implemented all the bugs in the main site as well.

Including this one. On my iPad it works now, at least!

@Hubbit200 I created a temporary navigation bar but if you want it would be really great if you might redesign it:

Because at the moment I don’t know if I like it. I colored it so that a user doesn’t miss it when first looking at the website but you might find a different way to catch attention. But you don’t have to obviously! :sweat_smile:


Looking great! I just submitted a pull request for an “Overview” card on the statistics page (I’ll probably add/modify it some more at some point, and add an option to hide it, but I quite like having a short overview of important data at the top!), and I’ll also have a look at that top bar in the next day or two!

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Oh, I just saw the overview!

This really looks awesome! And also it’s a great source of basic information if you don’t want to look through a pile of charts.

Btw I saw your feature request when you first made it but I hadn’t had that much time on my hands the last few weeks. I’m coming to that very soon! And after seeing your overview I think it might be nice to have a data point “minutes/hours learned today” like how much time you spent on reviews today.

P.S. nice new profile picture :grin:

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You might want to save yourself some time by skipping this step next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apologies! It just sounded quite funny so I couldn’t contain myself. No evil intent on my side :innocent:


Haha! :laughing: I hope you’re looking forward to me adding a lot more bugs in the next update. I’ve got so little to do that I’ll solve my own bugs!


Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve had a look at your updated time machine and it’s really coming along great, I really love how interactive the graph is!

Also your accuracy is amazing, mine rarely goes above 90% for more than one or two sessions, it tends to hover around 80-85 :sweat_smile:

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Might you add more buttons to it or will it just be “Statistics” and “Timemachine”? Just need to know to decide how to redesign it!

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I would like to add more sub pages. Like “coverage” for example!
So I think it might be up to 5.

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Maybe something like this for the navbar? I think it’s quite nice having the colour match the bg image!


Oohh, fancy!

Yeah I like it. In dark mode does it maybe blend with the background too much? Maybe I’ll tone the background image down a bit… But everything else is wow.

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