We made a chrome extension for learning Japanese with Crunchyroll 🟠💧

I am curious about what’s going on. If you wish to discuss this further you can contact me on manabihime@gmail.com and we can try to get to the bottom of it.

Same for me, setting subtitles to None will still show the last language that was set.

Hey, soon I will upload the version with attempted fix for the missing native subtitles. The issue with switching Crunchyroll subs to None and the them not disappearing is a bug but not a serious one and we will address it some time later. Native subs can be switched off in the settings of our extension by switching them to Hidden.

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Great! Awesome work by the way, the extension is really helpful :smile:

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Thank you, that’s nice to hear! :smiley:

This is really nice! Just wish there was some way to connect to Migaku as well.

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Thanks! Maybe one day :smiley:

Hello, we’ve just released a large update (1.1.11).


  • Before this update, users could import their own subtitles, but with very limited functionality. Now you can upload the subtitles to our server for them to be parsed and made available for you and the other users. Subtitles uploaded this way will have full functionality (chunked up into words, notes, popup dictionary, etc.). Please note that our server that does the parsing is limited in how many subtitles it can process at the same time and the processing time may vary (usually 5-10+ mins). You can check the current workload of the server at the bottom-right corner of the custom subtitles modal.
  • Notes are now bound to the selected subtitles. (Notes taken for subtitles A will not be visible when subtitles B are selected).
  • Added a new option in the settings for shrinking subtitles background.
  • Added the ability to play the pronunciation of words (if available).
  • Fixed some bugs.

Disclaimer: We’ve made a ton of changes to our codebase to accomodate this update, so if you come across some bugs feel free to report them to us, either through our discord server or email: manabihime@gmail.com.


Hi there! Just wanted to make a suggestion :blush: I love ManabiDojo but I’m not very tech adept and much prefer watching the shows that you already have subtitles up for, like Jujutsu Kaisen or Spy Family. Would you be open to putting any official subs for shojo Crunchyroll series like Fruits Basket (since its probably the most popular current shojo)? Thanks!

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Hello, sure I’ll see what I can do! And over time hopefully users themselves will upload enough subtitles so that even not so tech savvy users can use them as well (the CC icon on the top right of our extension will show you all available user-uploaded subtitles).

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