We didn't start the fire the turtles were always burning.... First Burn post

I finally burned through my first 18 items. The first to die was the river radical. There were times I didn’t think I would get this far. It’s amazing to see all that progress starting to pay off. !

I stole this image from another wani Kani user.




You may have this one too if you’d like?


Congratulations @DarkMelody42! It definitely is a good feeling!

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About to do the same today. I’m at L14 just eating a pile of Reviews. :wink:
Edit: First burn - October 5th, 2019. Burned stick, and 47 others.

I am waiting for my first burn. I’m so new; but I really enjoy and love the mnemonics on WK. Plus the breakdown of radicals saves me time from having to come up with ideas for them on my own ^^’ My favorite thing so far has been the younger brother kanji mnemonic. Highly recommended xDDDD


Haha I hit that one yesterday & went “DANG WaniKani that is DARK!” Also the one for the nen reading of the year kanji where once a year you have to kill a cow & make a Nendoroid out of its flesh O_O

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