Wayyy to slow


For Xmas they USUALLY discount their lifetime pass since it has mostly what you want so you can enjoy it without paying a monthly fee. Others have already stated I think that you can provide feedback to hello@wanikani.com besides the slow pacing, I couldn’t find what else you had an issue with. Maybe there IS a userscript or a service like kaniwani that might help full up that 10%


Yes my plan is to sub on Monday for 2 months and then go lifetime at Christmas…save a bit of 円

So far I have not heard of a script that modifies the speed function (up or down)…it’s not the end of the world by a long shot so…


I’ve been around here for 5 and a half years. If I remember correctly, when I joined there were only two free levels, and they were not fast levels so it took a few more days to get to the next level. I could be off on those, but the point is, they have adapted. They also seem to have no issues with demand. I’m sure there’s a way to please both camps without newcomers risking getting overwhelmed, but chances are, it has a small enough effect on their numbers that they’re willing to prioritize other things. :man_shrugging:

Personally, the speed didn’t bother me at all, and it was slower than it is now! I wouldn’t have guessed people had issues with it if not for the forums. After burning out on Anki decks for Heisigs and Tae Kim, I was just happy to be learning in such an enjoyable way.
I was probably filling in the gaps by watching anime all day, good times


waaaaaaaaaay too slow?

What’s he going to do when he gets pounded with 800 reviews at level 20???

he’ll be back saying
i can’t cope :’(

and btefyi I’ve been there and done that myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, this is why Apple is the most profitable company in the world. Because when critics said that a cell phone without a physical keyboard or user-replicable battery would be useless, they listened to those loud, incessant voices and added those features to their phones. Also why they added the headphone jack back to their phones when people had fits about it being removed.

OK, enough sarcasm. Of course Apple adapts and adds new features, or eliminates others. But what they don’t do is take every complaint equally seriously. And people are constantly criticizing their decisions and predicting their doom since 1995. And people have been complaining about the lack of customization on Apple products since 1984. But if I’d bought a good quantity of Apple stock in 1995… I’d be pretty rich now.

I’m glad you’ve voiced your request. It’s good to speak about your hopes and desires for the service. But don’t pretend that if they don’t listen to you, WaniKani will die. That’s just silly.


The times you are supposed to wait are based on typical periods for short and medium term memory.


Yeah, @OpusTheFowl, I don’t think you understand how SRS works. (pot, stir) :smirk_cat:


Consider it this way: You need to answer an item correctly 8 times in a row to burn it (IIRC). If you know the answer already, it will take you 5 seconds total to answer. Items can be burned with far less and a minute total invested. The system adapts pretty well to prior knowledge.

Also, I’ve seen hundreds of threads related to “WK is too slow” and I don’t think any single person was over about level 6 that complained. It must say something that you’ll be out of this mode fairly quickly. By level 20, you’ll be crying, I promise!


I keep seeing people talk about how difficult it gets around Level 20, and it’s scaring me :fearful:
I feel like the apocalypse is coming


@Whologist, Thank you for your hard work. You will be remembered :crabigator:

Wow, this thread has really brown up since yesterday.


If you can do 20, you can do 60… it is just a lot of work. Try to not let leeches get out of hand - this was the biggest problem for me. The amount of items that were never burned just kept piling on and it slowed my ability to level up. There are threads discussing how to keep this in check.


Thank you!
I’ll definitely look around for those threads! No leeches are gonna stop me from getting to 60 :muscle:


Been using the site for a good 3 days. I honestly think it’s perfect timing for me. I like that it makes me wait… patience is a virtue after all. I know it’ll get better and to those who thinks it’s slow…I’m sure they’ll regret saying that soon enough haha


Level 15 is the problem, you already survived :wink:

(After unburning all kanji and doing stuff on KW I think the real culprit is level 13, though.)


Well kitsun.io and bunpro have basically done that already. Wanikani works well but many people still prefer learning with other methods like anki and memrise.
Wanikani has tofugu backing them so that may be important rather then some guy sharing a website he made online


You are correct that they wont die if they don’t change as their service is pretty good as is. That being said, it’s equally silly to just embrace the status quo and think that will be enough to beat any future competitors.

My guess is that a way to increase/decrease volume/speed is already in the works as an option…maybe not soon but I bet it will be coming one day…


Yep…I know…SRS isn’t new.

SRS also doesn’t limit volume of material (ie levels) so that argument is a bit on the moot side…


Just be patient and stick with it. You’ll probably start running into kanji you’re not familiar with (or not as familiar with as you may have thought) much earlier than you’re expecting.


SRS is important and I think this is common grounds for everyone, even though it may not seem that way. I think the most important issue that is being treated is the ability to take new lessons before taking to guru what comes before. The main argument I see is that we have the capacity to learn more than the amount we are given. I would completely agree with that, each time I level up, I do the 100+ lessons and still find myself yearning for more. But what allows me to have such a good time learning is that I have the necessary base and ground knowledge to build upon. That is the principle of mnemonics: instead of throwing new knowledge into a void in your brain with nothing to strap on, it is made to latch onto was previously there, such as feelings, experiences and other knowledge.
In short, the limit on lessons is not the limit on your daily learning capacity, but rather the correct order of presenting the information to make learning efficient.
So, for you to have a mnemonic in the first place, the items that compose the item you want to learn need to be firmly fixed in your brain.


Lol can’t believe this thread is still going on… How does anyone have so much time on their hands when trying to juggle life and learning japanese? It’s actually fascinating to watch :joy: