Ways in which WK has disappointed me, personally

Do you mean this? It is still there. I have learned it not long ago.

Elephant radical


The old elephant is now ‘task’.

I get it, elephant is now elephant…but old elephant looks like the animal and makes for great stories.

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I’m extremely disappointed in ‘busy’ “忙しい (いそがしい)” mnemonic. It says: “You’re busy because you have to take care of your friend’s ice ogres (いそが) this weekend.”, however the first thing that reminded me of ogres is obviously Shrek. What a wasted opportunity, it should just say “Your best buddy Shrek is busy because he IS OGRE (いそが)”


I totally forgot about Hard Gay until this thread. Why do I know him? Nobody else I speak to seems to remember. What on earth.


I think most people have repressed Hard Gay because he’s sooooo bad.

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So right now I want to know myself as well

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That’s not future-proofing it in any way. (using Shrek or most other cartoon characters as mnemonics)


Tell that to Shrek 5


I suspect it could be to do with Jonathan Ross in the UK, but I can’t find anything that I remember definitively online.

緑縁線 :hot_face:


I’ll agree that some mnemonics are pure garbage, especially those using onomatopoeias, and could benefit from crowdsourcing.


Yes you have some good ideas. But I think the point of wanikani is that it’s stupid simple.

Having all these fiddly settings could easily overwhelm users and complicate the system.

I’ll go through your points.

  1. It seems like a good idea but that might end up screwing up your SRS que. Besides there are plenty of apps that allow you to pick and choose which kanji to study. It’s kinda like military basic training no matter your condition or knowledge everyone starts at square one the wanikani way. As the US Army says “conformity saves lives”

  2. I’d like the option to add in myself visually similar kanji and if I enter the reading of them it shakes and toasts “did you mean 00 please look carefully and try again.” But then again to read efficiently we need to be able to distinguish visually similar kanji.

  3. Ehh I’m just going to leave this alone. The radicals here are for the express purpose of learning the wanikani way. Any other methods such as learning for shodou or kanji kentei are best left up to those interested in such matters. After you complete the course radicals really don’t matter so why should I care.

  4. It sounds like a good idea but imagine hundreds /thousands of users submitting memonitcs. Do we just scroll until we find one we like? Even if it’s just a tiny tiny percentage of users submitting custom memonitcs that could easily be dozens per entry. Besides it’s really better to make your own anyways. Besides like the radicals after you memorize the item who gives a flying shoe about memonics. It seems you are getting frustrated over things that really aren’t a big deal in your over all kanji and Japanese journey.

  5. This is just your weird rant about how it’s somehow the liberals fault wanikani is more lame. I have no response other than get a grip.

Wanikani has room for improvement (like a back button it’s a bit silly you need to add a script for basic functionality. If users “abuse” it then it’s on them. Or adding more context to the vocab. And yes the idea of ghost reviews for leeches that is native to the program sounds great.

But all in all as someone who has been studying Japanese for over ten years (with lots of kinda pauses ) this is basically made to be super simple. Honestly it’s why I give up on Anki after a few weeks. It’s so damn fiddly with all it’s settings. Making notes shouldn’t take more time than to actually learn lol. I know that for all it’s flaws in appx 2 years I will have reviewed the thousand or so characters I know and learn another thousand with very little effort on my part other than show up. Can’t beat that.


I’d be happy to submit some of my own when I’m finished fording my geoduck for Lord Zoku.


Unless he defeats you and yells ”Yah Boo!” at you.


Personally, I’m just disappointed that Wanikani decided it went to that fine arts school instead of the prestigious medical institution I recommended. I mean, sure it’s an adult and all, and it’s technically it’s own decision, but I kinda feel like I spent all those years help Wanikani with those advanced science classes, and all that time driving Wanikani to the math tutor I picked out, just to have Wanikani disappoint me in the end. I mean, why would Wanikani do this to me? I’ll bet I wont even get to see any grandSRSs, as nobody’s gonna want to date you with a crummy art degree.

I knew I never should’ve let Wanikani hang out with that Josef Stalin character. He was a bad influence.


Is it, though? Don’t recall presicely how old WaniKani is, but Tofugu is only thirteen.

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Most of these issues can easily be fixed with community scripts. There are thousands of users with thousands of ideas for features. If you were the only user of course it would be easy for them to accomodate to your wishes, but there are enough people that they have to pick the most important issues to fix. Almost all of your other issues are just personal preference and whatnot. I have to agree that some of the mneumonics are piss poor and impossible to remember, or have nothing to do with the actual thing you’re trying to remember, but you can easily create your own, as you mentioned. Community mneumonics are impossible since there are so many people who would offer their two cents, you would need either a voting system for the best offered mneumonic, but even then it might not work well.


Theres 0% chance they’ll add an actual back button. You’ll need userscripts for something like that but I wouldn’t recommend it. Like you said it will get abused and people will cheat. Wanikani is very strict about stopping cheating, because it doesn’t help you learn. Remember, it’s not a race. What matters isn’t how much you get right, or miss. If you knew the word, but mistyped something or something similar, be glad you’ll get another opportunity to review it.

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Mnemonics are a very personal thing. Different people react differently to stories and images. What works for someone won’t always work for someone else. Wanikani mnemonics can be improved but no matter how much they are improved there will always be mnemonics that won’t work for everyone.


Typos are a thing. Even Japanese people have typos. Almost every SRS has an “oops” button. If someone wanted to “cheat” they could simply use Japanese IME or a dictionary. I stand by my support of a back button natively supported rather than user script. The people who would abuse it will eventually get theirs.