Wayne's World in Japanese [netflix recs, welcomed]

Hah! So I re-watched Wayne’s World the other day (actually over the course of a few days)… but this time I put on the Japanese dubs! It was hilariously awesome. I’ve been doing the same thing with Friends a little bit. It’s a nice way to listen to the language a little more and focus on the expressions and whatever small vocabulary and sentence construction I can notice.

Have any of you ever done this? What other shows and movies would you recommend? For familiarity, sometimes it’s nice just to re-watch something I already know. For example, I’d love to watch Star Wars dubbed some day.

Obviously, I want to watch more Japanese programming too. Am currently watching a drama I’m a little embarrassed to admit… but also want to watch Terrace House, Aggretsuko, re-pick up on Rilakkuma and Kaoru, and some others.


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