Way to unburn items to Enlightened?

Is there any way to move burned items back to Enlightened? The current unburn button sends an item all the way back to Apprentice 1, which is not useful for something where you mostly remember it but still want to do another review.


If you unburn something, you can reburn it whenever you want.

So for that reason there is no need to only unburn it to enlightened. You can always use userscripts to review your burned items without unburning them if you just want to do another review of it.

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No, there’s no way to set the level to unburn to, even with the API. It always goes back to A1.


This is a better way to do it I think

You can set it to only ask for burned items


Yeah, this is something I’d like as well: Basically a way for an item to stay in perma-Enlightened (unless I mess it up enough times to drop it back down).


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