Way To Find Total Amt of Hrs Spent on WK?

Curious to know if there is a way we can find out all of the time we have spent on WK actually doing reviews or lessons.

I use the website and the android app.

You could look at your total number of reviews on wkstats.com and come up with a rough estimate based on how long you think the average individual review takes you to complete. 10 seconds, 20 seconds, etc. Lessons probably account for a tiny fraction of total time.

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To look at past usage:

  1. Calculate how much daily free time you had before you started WK. Since you no longer have any free time after starting WK, use this number.
  2. Get your historical router logs and parse the data

To calculate going forward, consider:

  1. Consider Webtime Tracker or Time Your Web if you use Chrome
  2. Rescue time works with other browsers
  3. Web Historian doesn’t give you total time per site, but has lots of other cools stats

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