Watching shows with furigana or without?

I just started watching Good Morning Call with Japanese subs on and was wondering if you would recommend watching shows with or without furigana.

I’m using Language Learning with Netflix wich is super helpful :blush:

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I don’t think furigana is an option in general, but even if it is, why would you need it, since you can just hear the words being said out loud?
Sooo, whatever feels comfortable, I guess?


From the Little Nightmares playthrough, I can assure you that even with the audio I cannot always tell what he is saying if I don’t know the kanji :sweat_smile: I’ve spent a good amount of time looking up kanji by radical for that.


Thanks for the recommendation. Anything with Maryjun Takahashi is good for me! :green_heart:

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It’s an option with Language Learning with Netflix. However, I still agree with Napthalene that you don’t need furigana! If you don’t catch a word, you can just pause and check the reading out in the sidebar/hover text :slight_smile: